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Hindi Is Broken

My Hindi course is broken! Whenever it displays the flashcards with the letters on it, they are either blank, or scrawled with incoherent black dots!

Someone please help me, I progress by trial and error!

July 21, 2018



This sounds to me like it may be a problem with fonts on your system. Can you see Devanagari script on other pages, such as on This page?

If you can't read it there, that may be the main problem. You may need to install a language or regionalization pack for your OS (Not sure what OS you're using; the instructions would be different for different ones but you can search for instructions for your particular OS online.)


Yes, I am able to see hindi on that page!


This is so weird, sorry I'm not able to be more useful here! I am at a loss for any more explanations.


Could you please share a screenshot and mention the OS and browser you are using?


If you have the app, have you tried to delete and then re-download it? And if you do it by website, have you tried exiting it, refreshing it, trying on a new account, etc.?

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