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"She is not as young as she looks."

Translation:Ella no es tan joven como parece.

March 27, 2013



Why do we use 'como' here instead of 'que'?


http://spanish.about.com/od/adjectives/a/tan_tanto.htm Looks like it's related to the use of the word "tan" as part of the comparison., i.e. the sentence structure is "... tan ___ como ..." Unfortunately Duolingo doesn't teach us that at any point.


i just realize that tan---como is a thing that happen alot thanks for also seeing it. it assure me that was is conclude was correct


Why is the sentence structure "... tan--como ..."? Why not "...tan--tan..."?


Whenever you make a comparision, for example as _ as, it is tan _ como


Yes, I don't get when I need which either. Any hints?


Why don't we need "se" before "parece?"


she is not resembling or looking like anyone else, she is just 'appearing' as herself My dictionary says "parecer" = to appear, to seem and "parecerse" = to resemble, to look alike


why was ella no es tan joven como ella mira wrong? why is se needed?


With spanish, you have to kind of translate the meaning rather than the words themselves. Ella mira is she looks but it is her that is doing the looking. Ella parece is "how she seems to me". I am doing the observing about her. Hope that makes sense.


I think it's a different meaning of "to look". Mira means she is looking with her own eyes, while "to look young" means she appears young to other people's eyes.


I think it might be the sense in which the different words are used. Even though MIRAR, BUSCAR, OBSERVAR, PARECAR can all mean "to look" in one form or another, I think their usage in Spanish differs. I think MIRAR is used more as in "to look at"", BUSCAR is used in the sense of "to search for", OBSERVAR "to observe or notice", and in this case PARECAR means "to appear or seem like". At least, that is the sense I get going through these lessons. I think the more direct translation of this Spanish phrase would be "She is not as young as she appears" or "She is not as young as she seems."

It does seem simpler in English that one word "look" can be used to cover all these situations, but I'm sure that there are advantages to the Spanish system, maybe in clarity...

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    So, "She walks as she looks." would be "Ella camina como ella mira." Uses the same english phrase, but in Spanish is the meaning is actually more clear.


    I wrote "ella no es tan joven como aparace" which is accepted. ...


    Why is this multiple choice answer wrong: No es tan reciente como ella aparenta. I guess "reciente" is not a word to describe a person, but grammatically?


    Instead of "tan" could you use "asi"?


    Asi is "so" but in a "therefore" type of way. Mi cumpleaños es el 26 de septiembre asi soy mayor. I dont know if Im right but I hope that helps


    Why "tan ____ CUANTO" is wrong?


    Cuánto is for numbers (¿Cuánto cuesta? = How much does it cost?). Comparisons are "tan [...] como" = "as [...] as [...]."


    if "mayor" is used to compare older age, why can't "menor" be used to compare younger age?


    Duolingo is a great learning device

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      She reaches for the shoes


      Excuse me but in spanish we say "look" as "lucir" so "She looks good => Ella luce bien"


      Hola tu look me gusta mi comida xD


      Comparative of Equality: as + adjective + as = tan + adjetivo + como

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