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"We point at the teacher with our middle fingers."

Translation:ghojmoHwI'Daq maqay.

July 21, 2018



I assume there is more to this gesture than meets the eye, but this made me wonder how we would express a gesture that uses two fingers at the same time. I understand there is the verb {quq} but I'm not sure how it could be applied to other verbs.

To keep things clean to begin with, how could a devotee of {baS 'ugh} express the concept of {SIq}ing and {qan}ing at the same time.


SIq 'ej qan

No need to get any more complicated than that.


The hint for the word "point" says "vI'." In a different exercise, it said "qan". Trying to upload a screenshot to Imgur now.


So, I understand why the hint in the other exercise said "qan". I think this one is still wrong, though.


The hint for the word "point" says "vI'."

Right. That's the "point" in "three point seven = 3.7".

There should also be a hint maqay for the combination of words "we point ... with our middle fingers".

Do you not see that hint?


Nope, just "vI'" by itself. I was wondering why it looked so familiar. I remember now that I had just recently finished a level of Numbers 1.

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