"यह लो, तुम्हारा खाना।"

Translation:Take this, your food.

July 21, 2018

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Here, take your food. Is this correct too?


"यह लो, तुम्हारा खाना" litteraly translates to "take this, your food". We say this in hindi but we dont say this in english. In english we would indeed say "here, take your food". They should change this one.


The imperative case is instructional~ first instruction is: "take this", then a reminder, "your food".


"The imperative case is instructional" doesn't negate the fact that the English translation is not appropriate. It is not how English speakers would articulate this thought.


Why is yaha not in the oblique case??


This is my question, too. "इसे लो, तुम्हारा खाना?"


It's not "take to this". "Yahe" is the direct object.


I think in English we would throw in the dummy "It" and say "Take this, it's your food."


is लेओ an acceptable variant of लो or does it not exist? i found it in wiktionary, perhaps the tables there are just automated somehow based on preset grammar algorithms, so that's why it's rootword+ओ, idk. other sources clearly state that this verb, along with "to give" and a few others, is an exception in the imperative

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    The vowels in Hindi can never stand alone behind a consonant. They always have to be merged into one. Aao (sorry, no Hindi keyboard) has only vowels, so they aren't merged together. But le-o gets merged into lo. In common speech, some people do say leo, but it's not the normal way of saying it. I haven't seen how far this course goes, but if you get to sandhi (putting two words together to create a new word) then you will get a better explanation.


    This was one of the few things I picked up just by listening while in India. Many times I heard people say le-o when handing something to someone, and de-o when asking for something.


    This is confusing. I though it meant “Take your food here”. How would you say that in Hindi?


    You mean when you’re telling someone where they can get their food? आपका खाना यहाँ लो


    Isn't it rude to say लो, shouldn't it be ले लो, especially considering this sentence is with तुम?


    Here, your food.


    This is too broing i know hindi more then this


    What's the difference between lo(लो) लेती/लेता/लेते and (दो) and देती/देता/देते


    What's the difference between लो and लेता

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