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  5. "नेहा एक औरत है।"

"नेहा एक औरत है।"

Translation:Neha is a woman.

July 21, 2018



I posted two comments last night already through my phone, but unfortunately they did not get posted. anyway, i love duolingo, i am so happy that hindi is finally available. the letters part is good, but the first basic not so. we have not learned any connecting words yet, and even more importan, not vocabulary in hindi at all. so how can one with no hindi knolwedge at all, translate from devnagri to english.


I believe this is actually the fastest way to teach the subject. Sure, I don't quite get the difference in all the sounds, but I believe we should learn that as we go. I have a "cheat sheet" with the consonants and the "vowel connectors" to change each sound like from क to का or कै or कि, e.g. So this is how I'm able to sorta read the sentences (I can never predict exactly how it sounds). This is coming from someone who knew absolutely nothing about the language before yesterday and who just learned Devanagari a few hours ago.

Give or take a few weeks and I feel like I will be able to read Devangari without using a cheat sheet much like my transition to Hiragana in the Japanese course.


Hi Obito! Where did you find that "cheat sheet"? That would certainly help a lot :) Thanks! José


I made it myself using the following two resources. You can dedicate maybe 6-8 hours of a single day to master how the script works.

Learning Hindi

Learn to write Hindi with Anil Mahato (I play the videos on 2x speed and slow them down accordingly)


Thanks. Really helpful :-)


Most helpful. thanks


Just search in Youtube or Google, there are so many sources .. (July 2020)


In my college Hindi class, it took about two weeks of working off of our cheat sheets before we could begin reading without them. One thing that was incredibly helpful in class was having homework of tracing the characters and then reproducing them without tracing, something Duolingo doesn't have, but which you could easily do at home. Especially if you say the sound each time you trace, it ingraines it even faster (stole that from the Kumon method if anyone is familiar)


I trace them in the air with my finger. I think that's enough to activate motor memory.


The corret answer also say rong this app is very bad


From learning the alphabet to lesson one and reading has a large gap


Because you need to work at least one week (or more) only on the alphabet before considering going further. Use Youtube and a notebook, write down every letters you learnt, and pass the previous Duo exercises as a test. When you are happy with the test and can read a little, do the "basics".

You can also learn to read why doing the basics, spending 5 minutes or more on each sentence to understand each letter, and trying to read again the sentence.


The letters lessons were very well organized, in a logical way. But when we reach the basics, it seems there's a gap. It's more of a guessing game.


I worked up to level 4 of each of the letter levels before attempting the basics level. For me, the gap is ok now.


But I must admit that I am also doing the Memrise app Devanagari for Sanskrit course simultaneously (so far I've done about 75%), which is a great help before moving on to the Basics level in Duolingo.


In case anyone else wants to try that: https://www.memrise.com/. It's completely different in structure to Duolingo, so I don't see them as alternatives. Rather, they complement each other.


Thanks for the link !!!

Though I wish that Duolingo itself had more Indian languages , bcoz its method of learning is a something we are all already familiar with.


Does anyone know why the क in ए‌क isn't pronounced?


You pronunce it ae..k ...but the sound is so fast we are not able to hear it


When you have a consonant with a vowel at the end of the word, the vowel drops


I just dont get how we are jumping from sounds to a translation!! More importantly the sounds dont match the English in the basics. At least an explanation of the English sounds should be given... the hard 'h' that is it the end of certain sounds and things like 'ca' if you read that in English it reads ca as in CAT, CAR, CAN etc not the sound needed in Hindi at all... Been waiting along time for this and so far I am disappointed... I hope our comments help with improvements and someone actually reads them!!!


It's the way they made the official translitteration. Forget the English, the translitteration is official, and is very confusing, but we need to learn it.

There's nothing to be disappointed, you need methods to learn. To learn the letters and sound, the best thing is to train on Youtube, and to use the general forum on Duolingo to ask specific questions, and asking for tips from other learners and teachers.


That happens with most languages: the transliteration into English should not be pronounced using the English phonetics. Example: the capital of China is transliterated as "Beijing" but in most Western countries people say "peking." To make it even more interesting the actual pronunciation of "c" "h" etc. also depends on the position in a word and on the adjacent letters. If you want to study an almost phonetic language try Finnish, but that's not on Duo yet. (July 2020)


This is what I translated, yet it was called incorrect. Am I missing something, or is there a glitch?


What is the meaning for the name Neha?


Neha come from sanskrit 'sneh' meaning affection


Should be "Love", coming from Sanskrit.


I typed Neha but it came as mega why?


I got it right but it says i didn't


औरत ends in a consonant. According to the rules, words ending in a consonant have masculine gender. Is औरत a loan word by any chance?

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औरत is a Persian loan word but that said, all the tips you might have read for identifying the gender of a word based on the word ending are rules of thumb rather than actual rules the language follows. All of them have many exceptions. It's better to learn the gender along with every new word you encounter like in French.


Its women not woman


Dulingo is helpful me for teaching hindi thanku dulingo


This is the nicest app in the world


Very interesting! But it would be much more interesting, in my humble opinion, if they said to us what kind of woman this Neha is (apart from good or bad, of course!).


i just wanted to post on here to say that the hindi alphabet is currently broken! when doing the multiple choice, when you're down to the last 2 options, it doesn't mark it as correct making it IMPOSSIBLE to further progress.

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This is a bug that's affecting some users on the app. Until it's fixed, a workaround would be to clear the problematic lessons on the web version (you can also do this by visiting duolingo.com on your phone's browser).


I typed the correct words and it shows that but it shows its wrong

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Is this in the 'Match the pairs' exercise? Some users are experiencing a bug on the app version for these types of exercises in the first few lessons. Until it is fixed, the only way out seems to be to clear the problematic lessons on the web version. You can do this by visiting duolingo.com on your phone's browser.


I'm typing the correct words but it keeps showing its wrong so not able to move on fix this issue so that I can move to the next level


I wrote" neha is a women " what is wrong in that

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The singular form of the word (औरत) is 'woman'. 'Women' is the plural form (औरतें).


There is a bug with NEHA questions


I give a correct but is wrong is show the answer and gives wrong answer is both are same but is show wrong whats the promblem


Please reply a woman or an woman which is right answer

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'A woman'. You only use 'an' when it is followed by a vowel sound.


it's correct only


Neha is noun it can be written as Niha also


Hey i have written correct answer but it shows wrong.This have happen to me nearly 5 to 8 times.


I have written the correct answer but it is showing that iam wrong


There is correct also is red in color


I answered coreect but its giveing wrong answers


Neha is a women. I am wrong


Yes, it's wrong, because "women" is a plural. You need to use "woman" for only one.


Why do we have to keep hearing that Neha is a woman? WE KNOW THAT


How is female wrong? Because technically "औरत", which does mean woman. Woman also means female,no?


No. Female could be any animal, or even parts of a flower. Woman is specifically a female human.


They're the same word in Hindi, but in English, "women" only refers to people, while "female" refers to non-human life. Calling women 'females' is considered rude.

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