"Raj has two hands, two legs, one nose, and two ears."

Translation:राज के पास दो हाथ, दो पैर, एक नाक, और दो कान हैं।

July 21, 2018



is there a way to get an on-screen keyboard?

July 22, 2018


I use Google Input Tools (an extension for Chrome), you can add several keyboards and optionally get an on-screen keyboard. But it works only in Chrome, not system-wide. Also, if you are on Windows and have added the keyboard, you can use the windows on-screen keyboard —I suppose MacOS has something similar?

August 12, 2018


How can i type in hindi if i dont have the keyboard. There should be a lesson for hindi keyboard too if you want to teach typing, because using a hindi keyboard is not that obviously easy.

July 25, 2018


You can, but you will need to learn the keyboard set up... I'm not sure of the instructions just yet, but I have successfully changed my keyboard to do Duolingo Russian and Greek exercises in different alphabets. Someone will post the explanation soon I hope for you.

Are you using Windows? Windows 10?

After I have Level 2 in every skill, I will go back and type in my answers in Hindi...

July 26, 2018

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This is ridiculously difficult, even with the iOS Hindi keyboard - especially given this is the first time I have been required to type a whole sentence . There is a skip button, but it doesn't work, so there is no way past this question without getting it exactly right!

August 10, 2018


I know! Thats why i'm saying there should be a lesson for hindi keyboard! What i did to pass this question is copy the hindi translation in the answer review screen.

August 10, 2018


I have yet to find a working keyboard for Hindi on my Mac. To get past this obstacle I used translate.google.com. But I had to rephrase the question to get the answer DL considers correct.

September 27, 2018


What’s wrong with the built-in Hindi keyboard? I can’t say that I’ve used it extensively but I haven’t encountered any problems so far.

January 18, 2019


Hey Duo.. legs is not called as "pair" in hindi.. it is called as "taang". "Pair" in hindi is reference to "foot".. not the entire leg

April 27, 2019


for anyone needing an hindi keyboard https://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/devanagari.htm

August 8, 2018

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Are/should और (iOS keyboard tap and hold ौ), अाैर (tap and hold ् + ा + ै + र) and अौर (tap and hold ् + ौ +र) (be) considered the same? They look identical to me, but this question only accepted the first as correct.

August 10, 2018


I got my answer flagged wrong for missing the । at the end. Really now? I suppose this is a Duolingo bug, not considering it a punctuation mark or something.

August 12, 2018


Isn't it strange to use के पास here? Wouldn't it be राज के दो हाथ हैं instead?

September 18, 2018


Why does DuoLingo have a problem with my दाे in राज के पास दाे हाथ दाे पैर एक नाक और दाे कान हैं It marked all of them wrong

October 13, 2018


has to be a glitch, unless there was a mistake in your sentence which you didn't catch.

October 13, 2018


There's a difference between दो and दाे. The ो thing is a single character and you have to find the key for it -- it's not the same as ा plus े.

On my keyboard the ो is the "A" key.

December 19, 2018


Ears and nose are not something you keep in your pocket duo

July 12, 2019


Correct answer should be -- राज को दो हाथ, .... rest is okay

August 13, 2018


No Hindi script is available

July 30, 2018
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