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  5. "मैं एक लड़की हूँ।"

"मैं एक लड़की हूँ।"

Translation:I am a girl.

July 21, 2018



why is एक needed here? can't it just be "मैं लड़की हूँ"?


I am pretty sure Duo wants "एक" to pose as "a"


You're right. मैं लड़की हूँ would work equally well.


I am a native Hindi speaker. When we are taught वाक्य अशुद्धि शोधन (correct the incorrect sentences) we are taught about these little things such as why एक is required for the sentence to be grammatically correct rather than leaving it out. You all can go try those out online they are readily available it will make your hindi more refined once you learn basic sentences. :)


Pretty sure. Its probably there just cause its an early lesson and they dont want to completely throw off people.. Idk


Because the english sentence is "I am a girl" That's why ek is neede.


Albao9 If you say मैं लङकी हूँ I It is also fine A native hindi speaker would not even notice it if you didn't say एक in this sentence


For those who learn or speak French, French and Hindi are both of the rare languages with nasal sounds.

मैं = between mé and main in French
हूँ is also slightly nasalised.


Tip: If you have the "Type what you hear" in Hindi, it's necessary to put the slower pace, as, as beginner, we don't hear the "ek" in the normal pace.

I guess it's a matter of training, and of language mastering, and it's gained with time and patience.


What is the difference between ं and ँ ? In this sentence, both appear to nasalise the vowels, but is there anything more to this?


I didnt want fo write this cz it might confuse you even more. But because you asked.....

अं is not always nasal. It also has a 'ng' sound in slaying and if you know Korean it's the ㅇ sound in 방 and therefore the name of the letter अं is 'ung' (u as in umbrella). It sometimes has a nasal sound. They both have but as the time passed the natives screwed it up!

When a kid is taught these letters, he is told that अँ is the nasal one and अं is the 'ng' one. But as he grows up he kinda automatically learns (ofc with help from parents and teachers) certain spellings like में, हैं, करें, बदलें etc. have ं even though they're nasals. It's similar to how you know that cylinder amd cypher start with a 'c' even though they have an 's' sound.

I'd suggest you to learn the spellings. It's not much work as not a lot of words have this thing.

Good luck learning Hindi!!


ं is to be used when only nasal pronounciation is required.

ँ is to be used when both the nasal and tongue pronounciation is required .

The difference is very slight and sometimes confuses people .


Nasal i understand, but what is "tongue" pronunciation?


It's still hard too read what would have been the transliteration for this?


Indians would usually write ladki (the ड़ is mostly represented by d), but many even write larki (or larkee for that matter, we use the Latin script just to get the point across and because it's easier than using a Hindi keyboard which we are not accustomed to owing to the fact that they came out only recently).


Main ek larki hoon.

Retroflex R in larki.


How to pronounce ड़? Comparing to more usual र.


र - It's a soft tone of "r" Just download google translator and translate words like Night - raat in hindi (soft r)(रात)

Secret -raaj in hindi (soft r ) ( राज)

You will understand .

But when you are using "ड़" , first of all keep in mind no word starts with this alphabet and it sounds like actual prounciation of english "R" . Like when you say "Rat"," Rattle snake" ,"roar" ...how you pronounce the "r" , It's a high vocal tone. So this is how you pronounce "ड़"

You can search on search on google translator words like - To fight - लडना ( lārna) To quarrel - jhagarna (झगडना).

I hope , i have made you understand.


I don't understand when and where to used * है* and ूहँ


There is एक needed Albao9


Does its absence change the sense dramatically?


I am a girl right


Girl Ma English ma sikaha raha hu ok


Space out words in audio more


Please, report it on the general forum, because they won't read here.

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