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  5. "Raj is a boy."

"Raj is a boy."

Translation:राज एक लड़का है।

July 21, 2018



is the "one" translated as the indefinite article necessary?? i just wrote "raj larka hai" and that makes more sense to me, but apparently that's wrong?


Yes, the word "ek" is necessary.


What is the transliteration here? I still can't read it very well and the sound doesn't work yet.


The retroflex R like emrys29 mentioned sounds almost like an "r" and "d" sound right next to each other. Not entirely accurate, but a closer approximation than just an English "r." It is formed by curling your tongue back toward your throat as far as it can go (pretend like you're trying to swallow it) and then placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth. (This is true of all retroflex consonants, like ट, ठ, ड, and ढ). The sound is made by flicking it forward and comes out sounding like "aarda"


Raj ek larka hai.

R of larka is a retroflex sound. It can be hard to master so keep practising.


@juggle: Re-do the letter-lessons as long as it takes to do the word-lessons easily .. (Aug 2020)


I so much wished there were an addition to the sentence, to make it more complete! A smart, funny, tall boy, and so on!


Thank you for the answer

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