"किताब में गायें और कुत्ते हैं ।"

Translation:The book has cows and dogs.

July 21, 2018

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This is not good English. It needs to be e.g. "There are cows and dogs in the book."


Yeah or to stay a little closer to the Hindi "The book has cows and dogs in it."

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You're right. "in the book" go to the last place and हैं transforms in "there is (are)" and go to the first one.


Why is, “cows and dogs are in the book,“ wrong?


This is not good English. "There are cows and dogs in the book."


I think the option for the English translation should be different, instead of "The book has" it should be "There are... in the book"


Dogs and cows are in the book was marked wrong.


So में can also mean to have?


Since the book doesn't actually own or have ownership of the cows and dogs, में is the way to go. You can think of this sentence as "There are cows and dogs in the book" if you'd like.


में means contains


Because of the rising intonation of the last word, I took the sentence as a question, which is not accepted. I know that as a question the sentence should normally be introduced by kyâ, but could it still be a question without kyâ?


Grammatically you are right, there should be 'kya' to make it a question. But practically in real life Hindi speakers don't take it as a must and very often you will hear that only the intonation changes. Well, this is from my personal experience..


Agreed. I reported it with both "the audio does not sound correct" and "my answer should be accepted". Hopefully, they'll put 2 and 2 together. :-)


Why is the dogs and cats are in the book. This is wrong English


Yes please read GillH2's post above...


"The cats and the dogs are in the book". Is this correct?


Me too want to know the answer to this question. Also, What is the difference between किताब में गायें और कुत्ते हैं and गायें और कुत्ते किताब में हैं Is the latter a correct sentence? Does किताब में at the beginning of the sentence mean "there are", or "the book" has and at the end simply "in the book"?" In short, does the meaning of the sentence change based on the place of किताब में?

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किताब में means "In the book". It is how in Hindi the sentence can structure. The important part writes first. "In the book are cows and dogs". In english: "There are cows and dogs in the book." The same situation is with Russain. We translate sentences "There is(are) ..." from the last part and transform the first part in proper verbs "to be". В (में) книге (किताब) есть (हैं) коровы (गायें) и (और) собаки(कुत्ते).


Thank you Olexsa.


This is a stupid sentence


I used 'a book' instead of 'the book' and got it wrong.


"In the book are cows and dogs" is accepted.


The book in it cows and dogs are


Could it be translated as "The book of cows and dogs" ?


Hi Cathy I am pretty sure that is not the coreect translation. But if you want to say 'The book of cows and dogs, then you can say gaayen aur kutton ki kitaab.

I hope that helped

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