"वह लड़का ठीक है।"

Translation:That boy is fine.

July 21, 2018

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Does “fine” mean “okay,” as in “I’m doing fine/okay?” Or does “fine” here mean something above average or special, for example “fine dining” or “fine wine”?


Fine in this context means good or okay. If you were saying the boy was good looking or good quality you might say "सुंदर" meaning hansome.

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    Boy sounds like 'Lurker' rather than 'Laraka'


    If you put a very short "a" in the 3rd "a".

    Lar'ka, it's the same.

    ल L
    ड़ ṛ
    का kaa



    Could it also be "That is a fine boy"?


    I have a feeling that could be translated differently because "that" in your sentence would be a demonstrative pronoun rather than a demonstrative adjective. Like in French, "Ça va bien" means "that goes well" (or "it's fine") while "Cet homme va bien" means "that man goes well" (or "that man is fine"). I feel like it could be similar in Hindi to French.


    could it also be "he is fine"?


    That would be,"वह ठीक है।". No translation for the word boy. Don't report this translation.


    very nice i am new in Hindi......from Algeria


    It's is not 'Lurker or Laraka' but it is 'Ladaka


    It seems that ड is ḍa whilst ड़ is ṛa. The romanised letters' under-dot represents retroflexion (shown in IPA with a tail to the right: /ɖ ɽ/ ), whilst the devanagari letter's under-dot represents the modification of the voiced retroflex plosive /ɖ/ into the voiced retroflex flap /ɽ/.


    That boy's fine is also correct. When we use apostrophe it's understood that the abbreviation ends with 'is' so please update it


    Please, report it with the report form, on the exercise page. Here they won't read it.


    Why does one of the voices say vo, and the other - va, on tbe same first word here? What is correct?


    Neither is wrong but 'vo' is the more common colloquial pronunciation. The other ('vah'/'vaha') is the pronunciation that more closely matches the written form but is nevertheless not colloquial.

    Such deviations of pronunciation from the written form usually occur in words containing the letter ह. In a similar vein, यह is pronounced 'ye', महल as 'mehel', छह as 'che', बहुत as 'bohot' etc.


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    U r giving the same question several times..it is good for a beginner but it is irritating for a person who knows aldready a little hindi


    Sorry bro, it was my fault.but I am learning hindi on Duolingo app on mobile and it is difficult for me to see the questions I have asked before because there is no option on this app to see the question I have asked before, unlike the website.And sometimes I forget whether I asked the questions or not (because I forget things very first) and I unconsciously ask the questions again.But I know it was my fault and I will not do that again.So ,sorry for that.


    Cant accept boy's?


    वह लड़का ठीक है

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