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  5. "Neha was there."

"Neha was there."

Translation:नेहा वहाँ थी ।

July 21, 2018



Many desi (Indian) names are used for both males and females - is Neha for sure only female? (Because I used "tha" on this answer and it was marked as incorrect.)


I would assume so. I'm not entirely certain that this is a female-only name, but I have never met a guy named नेहा.


Yes. Neha is a female only name.


Not many such desi names are gender-neutral. **Only a few are gender neutral. The most common one of such kind is "Kiran"


And "Aman", "Amandeep"


Unisex names (like Amandeep) are common among followers of Sikhism. However, among Hindu names that are derived from Sanskrit, they are somewhat rare. Even names that seem to be gender neutral when transliterated into the Roman script are actually not. For example, Apoorva is a common unisex name but boys are generally named अपूर्व (with or without the schwa) while girls are named अपूर्वा.


Dilchasp hai, Vinay. Dhanyavaad

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