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  5. "This apple"

"This apple"

Translation:यह सेब

July 21, 2018



For me many of these sentences are missing audio, including this one. It would be nice to hear items sounded out multiple times as I like to primarily learn by listening.


I completely agree, I was thinking the same thing. For other languages, clicking on the word will lead to audio, and I believe having that feature for Hindi would be very helpful--especially since most of us are going to be unfamiliar with Devanagari.


These are giving me audio for everything. Im on the mobile site (not app), dunno if yall are on normal browser.. Anyway, if you report it, it should get fixed. Still in beta...


I agree...additionally some of the lessons have mistakes and no way to report them.


What is the difference between "Yah" and "Vah"


See the key of the lesson.

यह - 3SG; this

वह - 3SG; that


Yah- this Vah- that....


Yah - this Wah - that both can mean he/she (depending on subject) but basically both are gender neutral. Hope I made sense :)


Why is यह pronounced "yaha" and वह pronounced "waha" on the audio? यह is pronounced "yeh" and वह is pronounced "woh" in colloquial usage.


My native language is Hindi (as well as Bengali and Magghi(Bihar)). And formally, the pronunciation of यह(yahuh) with the ह (huh) is actually the correct pronunciation. The pronunciation of the same as ये is a result of colloquially spoken hindi and it is informal. Only recently is it being accepted formally but not totally. If you go dialect wise, there are more than 20 major dialects of hindi and on ground it changes like literally from one region to other. In a region there may be a accumulation of several dialects too. So yes pronounciations like ये, वे, वो, are a result of that but the 'शुद्ध' hindi for यह/वह is the one with the pronunciation of ह(huh). When we are taught वाक्य अशुद्धि शोधन (correct the incorrect sentences) we are taught about these little things. You all can go try those out online they are readily available it will make your hindi more refined once you learn basic sentences. :)


Mmm. Why सेब is /seb/, not /seba/?


inherent vowel is typically dropped from final consonant. I think in Sanskrit it is kept, so you’ll still hear it in some formal words, and some names.


Okay. Thak you)) And how about "आदमी"? Why ādmī, not ādamī?


Its the same....you have to drop the "a".....just like in apple....you drop the "a" from "ba".


Ādamī is also correct.. In hindi, u can or skip 'a' for the "VYANJANS" or hindi consonents....


I agree with the posts above. I learn primarily by listening and the Devanagari script is still far too unfamiliar to recognisable. Audi needed for these questions.


Use the app instead of web....(as per the comments)


So is यह supposed to be an adjective or a noun?


It's both - a pronoun (he, she, it) and a demonstrative adjective (this).


It means he, she, it, and this, so it functions as multiple parts of speech


Maybe I completely missed this, but how can I type in Hindi (using the Hindi keyboard)?


Great, thanks! Any advice on how to type in Hindi in Word?


On both mobile and computers, usually if you go into the system settings and go to keyboards, it will let you add other language keyboards. It may be hard though, cause youll still be typing on a Qwerty board. On pc, this feature might have you type it romanized, then it makes it devanagari. On mobil, youll have a full dev keyboard to use.


Use the hinglish keyboard


Hindi speaker who can help explain how to pronounce ot correctly?


I can't type in Hindi. I don't want to.


I put a ending mark


It counted it wroung


What is difference between yah nd vah



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