"When did you come from America?"

Translation:आप अमेरिका से कब आये?

July 21, 2018

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Can I say ' आप कब अमेरिका से आये'? Any grammatical rule?


Yes it is not grammatically correct. Interrogation word should be used right before or right after the verb. A better way to say it would be ' aap kab aaye america se '

  1. Good explanation Ayushman, partially right. The question word KAB preceeds the thing to be questioned.
  2. Pradeep, yours sentence is a valid question too. Only that the meaning changes slightly. It means to ask....When did he return from "America". The emphasis of the question is on the word that comes immediately after, as brought out earlier.
  3. The sentence, is typically asked.... say when a person has returned back from America and it has been a while since that and now. Now, when you meet him/her and want to know when exactly he / she returned .


Object follows the Subject.for example "arvind ghar jayegaa". "Arvind jayegaa ghar" is akward.


But this is not object this is a question word asking about time. You can say यह कल अमेरिका से आया or यह अमेरीका से कल आया, isn't it?


कब is not something fixed inside the sentence, variant with आप कब अमेरीका से आए and the one with आप अमेरीका से कब आए both should be considered correct.


Same question: Can I say ' आप कब अमेरिका से आये'? Any grammatical rule?


It was marked wrong when I wrote it. I also wonder why.


I think कब has to be right before the verb?


Actually both are grammatically correct, but "Aap America se kab aaye?" sounds more correct than "Aap kab America se aaye?" that's why may be it is showing wrong. There is no rule to correct this answer, it depends on your understanding and depth


Pl check the reply to Pradeep given above


Is the reason it's aaye rather than aaya/aayi because aap is formal?


Well I am very confused... I put aaya... marked wrong and the 'correct' answer was given as aayi ??? I don't get it. ??


Why "ने" is not used after aap


It is used only when the verb is transitive


Ayaa can also be used. Please correct


I chose aaya. The answer given was aayi. Meanwhile here above the answer is aaye. Which is correct?


I think it can be aayi (आयी) if the subject is assumed to be feminine; otherwise, it is aaye (आये) when the subject is aap (आप). I find the Wiktionary helps a lot for these lessons with no tips. Take a look at the entry for आना. Scroll down to "Conjugation" and click on "Personal Forms" to see the full conjugation.


America se aap kab aaye is also correct, isn't it?


Also wondering this


Why not aapne ? Please clarify


OK.. so the use of 'ne' in past tense is for transitive verbs only... and the best way to decide if that's the case is to ask ... what? .. if there is an answer to a 'what' then it's transitive. Here the verb is to come... and there is no what ... as in a tangible answer to 'came what?'. e.g. I ate an apple... has a tangible answer to what did I eat. so it's transitive .. so it's 'Mene eck seb kaya'.


I think you have asked this before and I think I have answered... Aapne in the past form is only used when the verb is TRANSITIVE... in this case it's INTRANSITIVE... So the question is the answer to "WHAT".. and for "when" there is no transitive answer.... If the sentence (for example) was "What did you do in America?" ... then the answer to WHAT is .. doing something ... right? So the translation then is "Aapane amerika mein kya kiya?". :)


What is the difference between aye and ayii?


Why do I have to use aap instead of tum??

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