Learning Multiple Languages from K-Pop Songs!

Did you know that learning multiple languages influenced a lot of K-Pop idols? As a multilingual learner and user, I continuously spend a lot of time, reading lyrics and listening to songs of my target languages. Popular multilingual K-Pop bands, like Twice (트와이스), EXO (엑소) and BTS (방탄소년단), created different language versions of the same songs.

Here is one of the songs with the most number of languages (Latin, Spanish, English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian) I have found so far - SF9's O Sole Mio:

Note: The translations of the lyrics are slightly different from others to keep up with the beats of the music. However, the themes are about the same.

Have fun, learning the lyrics and the songs' meanings. :)

July 21, 2018


If you're interested in multilingual Kpop bands, then I highly suggest GOT7. That group consists of members of different nationalities, like America, Thailand, and Hong Kong (along with South Korea, of course). They make Japanese albums along with their Korean ones, and have a huge international fandom (especially in the states). Even more, they individually speak multiple languages. For instance, one of the rappers, Jackson Wang, can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and English fluently (I am probably missing a language). Furthermore, he is a Chinese solo artist who either mixes English with his Chinese music, or completely performs in English. Another rapper, BAMBAM, can speak English, Thai, and Korean fluently. The third rapper, Mark Tuan, is a native English speaker who can also speak Mandarin and Korean. Though, all of them are familiar with a variety of languages. People like these and those you have mentioned always inspire me to keep trying harder, no matter how difficult things get.

Also, the group A.C.E. does English covers of their songs (though, the only one I know of was an English cover of their debut song, Cactus).

Foreign music in general is a huge inspiration. I remember the first time I truly got lured towards a foreign music genre, and that was Jpop. Now, that has led me to my interest in Kpop, French music, and Latin music to some degree. I'm at a point where I don't need translations for French music, and achieving that makes me want to go even further with the other languages I am learning, such as Japanese.

Thanks for posting this!

July 22, 2018

Yes, I have heard a lot about multilingual/polyglot K-pop singers as well as GOT7 band. Majorities of them are of Asian nationalities, which is why they are heavily inspired by K-pop music.

Let's get to my multilingual favorites...

My Bias - I love Lisa Manoban, the Thai member of BLACKPINK, who can speak Thai, English, Korean and some Japanese. Because of her amazing dancing and rapping skills, I couldn't get over with her!

Highly Talented Female Idol - Kwon Bo-ah, known as BoA, can speak Japanese, Korean and English. However, she can also sing songs in Chinese. She is known for starting her music debut at the age of 13! Since the year 2000, I continue listening to her beautifully-created music.

Highly Talented Male Idol - Henry Lau is the member of Super Junior-M who can speak English, Mandarin, Korean, French and (some) Japanese. There are more than saying "He's so good in making singles!" since he possesses tons of talents!

Multicultural Idol - Lee Chae-rin, known as CL, can speak French, English, Korean and Japanese.

Unique Idol - Chou Tzuyu managed to learn Korean and Japanese. Knowing she is the only Taiwanese member of TWICE, I was more than hyped to cheer for her! Though I know few other idols of either Taiwanese descent or nationality, it is in fact not easy to be K-pop idol of the least popular nationality.

Listening to K-pop in general lead me to read, speak, write and learn any kind of languages!

July 22, 2018

我觉得你是酷的啊 XD

July 22, 2018



3) 我家的母語是中文,還是台語,但是我與兩個姐姐講英文更多。我從來1999年跟我家講中文,父母教我說簡單的詞彙,讓後教我寫漢字,最後教我慢慢看報紙和書。我從來2016年手機上自己看繁體字,也看不一樣的言語。



July 22, 2018

Do you know Wanna One?

July 23, 2018

I have not heard about that band yet.

July 24, 2018

Oh, Wanna One is very famous. You should listen their songs. It's very amazing!

July 26, 2018

Interesting! Though I am super fan boy of featured YouTube music videos, I also listen to some micro-famous songs.

July 26, 2018


November 22, 2018
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