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Help! Many exercises missing audio

Many exercises in the new Hindi course are missing audio both when clicking on words from the word bank and as playback in the comments. This is such an important aspect of learning any language, but especially one with a different script. Is this an operating system issue that I could get around by using a different computer or are some sentences just not finished yet?

Thanks, Tyler

July 21, 2018



Beta courses aren't the full finished course and shouldn't be treated as such. Audio will be missing that would be added later on when it graduates from beta. Speaking from experience of the Esperanto beta, a lot of audio was missing until it graduated from beta. AFAIK


The purpose of Alpha/Beta tests is to get feedback from users so that the team can fix issues that they didn't catch from their own internal tests.

Something like missing audio is something that could be fixed before even launching an alpha test. It has no reason to need feedback from users.

The users could then give feedback on more subtle points, like problems with the audio, mispronunciations, a few isolated missing things that the team didn't catch, etc. I would primarily expect a beta test to involve things like acceptance of alternate translations, typos, minor oversights, etc.

If Duolingo is launching courses in Beta without having full audio, I think this is a deficiency that lies on the Duolingo end. It has nothing to do with the course's Beta status. I think it shows that they rushed the launch of the course. If they're doing this, then that's one thing; people can and do have good reasons for rushing an incomplete product. But then it's not really a beta test, it's an incomplete product.


I've noticed it specifically on the letters lessons for "What Sound Does This Make?" It would be very helpful for the audio to work when you click on each of the multiple choice answers like it does for "Select What You Hear."


I noticed that the new lessons have audio but the review lessons largely don't. I've solved it for now by putting the sentences into Google Translate after I finish the sentence and having their audio pronounce it.


Hi Tyler, could you please explain what you mean by review lessons? Sorry, I am not familiar with this terminology.


Could you please share screenshots of particular to exercises which don't have audio? It will help us locate and resolve the issues.

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