"पीटर सो रहा है इसलिये वह नहीं खा रहा है।"

Translation:Peter is sleeping so he is not eating.

July 21, 2018

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इसलिये is both "therefore" and "so." Both should be accepted.


इसलिये (isliye) sounds like Russian если (yesli) which unfortunately has the different meanings of "if"...


Come on, give the poor guy a break!


I put "Peter is sleeping and so he is not eating" ... marked wrong. I would have thought it is the same meaning and accurate translation. In fact to say "Peter is sleeping so he is not eating" does not make very good literal sense. No? Is it that because he is sleeping that he is not eating (like.. this is the explanation why, for example, he is not at the dinner table or some such thing) or is it that he is purposely sleeping to prevent himself from eating (very unlikely).. ... "and so.... " makes more sense to me


Reminds me of the French proverb: Qui dort dine !


Can तो be used here instead?


Because the second clause contains another verb form, is is OK to drop the final है?


Hm... I'd like to know... I think maybe yes but can't find anything specifically for the present continuous negative (like in simple present you can drop the final HAI right? If you find out let me know ()

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