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"मैं सो रहा हूँ इसलिये मैं रो रहा हूँ।"

Translation:I am sleeping so I am crying.

July 21, 2018



Is there really a causal/logical connection between sleeping and crying? Strange sentence.


Perhaps the speaker suffers from night terrors.

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We have this song in a hindi dialect "jo sovat hain so khovat hain" jo khovat hain so rovat hain". That's first thing that came to my mind. It means one who sleeps (unawakened) is missing things. And one who is missing so is crying.


Deep - the song if I recall begins with "Uth jaag musafir" - Awake from your slumber, O traveller ..."


let it be. duolingo was practically made for sentences like these.


Perhaps they are a child who doesn't want to sleep, but us adults love to sleep. LOL


I hate to be that guy but... we adults not us adults


Way to be pedantic. By the way, I'm a native English speaker. Your grammar lesson is duly noted, albeit uncalled for. We are not here to learn English, rather Hindi.

You also don't hate to be that guy, otherwise you wouldn't in such cases where it's completely unnecessary.


Way to be irascible and pugnacious. I never said that we were here to learn English but I don't see why this correction was either unnecessary or uncalled for. Grammar is an important foundation of English, after all. Also, this really wasn't such a big deal until you decided to make it one. You didn't need to create an issue where there wasn't one. Unless, of course, "MUH PRIDE" is more important than any legitimate form of criticism.


I wasn't the one who turned this into drama... I was harmlessly pointing out a grammatical flaw when you decided to take offence and start a war zone in the comments section. As I said you can really just move on and forget about it. Or, you can seethe if that's what you wish.


Nothing to do with pride, rather you turning a light-hearted comment into some unnecessary drama. Not my cup of tea, but go ahead with your bad self.


Say it out loud in Hindi - its a rhyme - सो and रो.


I don't know if they accept 'weep' as English, but that would make it at least rhyme. I am sleeping so I am weeping. Nonsense but rhyming makes nonsense acceptable.


Really, Duolingo? I appreciate this course, but how about more pertinent sentences to develop vocabulary and day-to-day expressions?


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Considering people sometimes cry themselves to sleep, I think it should read "I am not sleeping so I am crying"


Rid the "so" इसलिये. I am not sleeping, I am crying.




I love how Duo makes us translate nonsense to be sure that we understand correctly! No way to guess such illogical sentences! And I ghjnk this is the idea ! ^_*


What is going on?


Weird but ok


Yeah nonsensical, not a helpful sentence for practicing Hindi


just had to throw in a नहीं to the first clause and it would make sense


Alright, there is a lot to unpack here.


Astral projection stuff???


May be the sentence is from a medical student..

He is sleeping without reading much so he is crying...


"We have this song in a hindi dialect "jo sovat hain so khovat hain" jo khovat hain so rovat hain". " and "Say it out loud in Hindi - its a rhyme - सो and रो." I tried "I am sleeping so I am weeping" on the same principle but it wasn't accepted. :(


This is a weird sentence, makes no sense.


This sentence is just dreadful. It was the only grammatical option but that's not a useful technique.


what is this nonsense. duolingo is on other level


Please check the meaning. Thank you

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