"राज घर पर है लेकिन आमिर से बात नहीं कर रहा।"

Translation:Raj is at home but is not speaking with Aamir.

July 21, 2018

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I am so glad this can be slowed down so I can understand it. Dang that is spoken fast.


"Talking to someone" and "talking with someone" are essentially interchangeable—both "to" and "with" should be accepted for the "से" in "x से बात करना."


I think there is a "हैं" missing at the end of the sentence.


I think it gets left off sometimes when the sentence is a negation.


Do you speak with someone? I think in English you would talk with someone, or speak to him. I have used "Raj is at home but he is not talking with Aamir", but it is marked wrong. Double checked it, will report that it should be accepted as well.


I got the same. And I think it is because we wrote, 'he' is not talking with Aamir. The answer I got did not have 'he'


Do you actually mean the plural form "हैं" or the singular form "है"? Because seems to me that there is only one subject here, namely Raj, and if you are right then I am confused. That is, I would say the singular form "है" was dropped because in a negative form that can be done.


you’re right thanks


talk to is just speak and not listen to other person. talk with is interaction. listening is also included


Yes I agree. "to' should be accepted


Hindi me btaiye ,muje samajme nhi aata

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