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  5. "शायद नेहा सो रही है।"

"शायद नेहा सो रही है।"

Translation:Maybe Neha is sleeping.

July 21, 2018



[Note: in the exercise, "maybe"—which is fine—was given as "probably," which is incorrect, and is the sentence I'm commenting on.] Since this is the indicative mood of होना, "शायद" inserts doubt, so should be translated as "maybe" or "perhaps." If होना were in the presumptive mood—शायद नेहा सो रही होगी—then "probably" would be an acceptable translation.


Does this also translate as Neha may be sleeping?


Probably yes. The meaning and mood are the same in both expressions. But, I don’t think that insisting on the accuracy of translations in different variants, may help us to learn Hindi. It may be useful that in the higher levels of this course we have more translations from English into Hindi or better still from Hindi to Hindi in the form of Q&A.


I agree. To learn a language we should try to understand the idea and the concept trying to be communicated, rather than trying to understand it on a word for word basis - that can only lead to confusion.


I'm not insisting on anything. I was just wondering if they meant the same thing, or would have to be written differently.


I didn't even think you insisted, but that DL unnecessarily insists on translations in general.


ok. no problem. I'm an easy going person. :)


Maybe Neha is sleeping


" नेहा शायद सो रही है। "


Maybe Neha is asleep - shouldn't that work too?


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