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When will Hindi be available on the App?

Im so excited that Hindi is here, but I'm usually away from home and my computer so I don't have a lot of time to practice and do my Duolingo for Hindi on my computer. So I was wondering if anyone knew when it would come out on the smartphone app. thanks!

July 21, 2018



Hi! What kind of device do you have?

I have an Android phone and running chrome browser if I click the 3 dots in the top right (basically the menu in the browser) there's an option for "Add to Home Screen." If you click that it will pop up and let you name it (called mine Hindi) and there's a picture of Duo with the Chrome logo. It essentially makes a link and the next time you open it will look just like a mobile app. You can even switch languages at the top if you're learning multiple as it will pull in your non beta courses.

If you have an iPhone you might be able to do that. This is probably a good work around as it's probably got a while before it comes out of beta.


Thank you a lot of, i gonna give you five lingots,THANKS!


I am not sure when it will come on the app but when Hindi does I'm sure it will be under be update so look out for a Duolingo update. But if you have Google chrome on your device then go to Duolingo web version and login in. Then press the three red dots in the top right corner of the screen and click on desktop site. You should be able to use Duolingo from that but you will still be needed to be connected to WiFi...


Yes, the part with "desktop site" is the main part. Thanks.

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