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Some problems I'm having with the Hindi module...

I'm so excited that Hindi is here at last! Just started plowing through it, and a couple of issues are cropping up.

1) The precision of the answers. By way of illustration, consider the question that asks me to translate, "Naani aapse sundar hai."

I translated this as "Grandmother is prettier than you." The response: incorrect. The correct translation would be, "more beautiful."

That's a pretty fine shade of gray, there. In general, with the Hindi module, I am having this kind of problem. It's set to mark as incorrect any translation that does not coincide exactly with the choices made by the developers, even when those choices are correct.

(Subsidiary point: Hindi is rather more flexible than English in terms of some word ordering. The module is not. Other times in which my answers are being marked as incorrect, it's because I used common word orders that apparently don't match with the exact order of the answer.)

Is this simply an inevitable weakness in this kind of software, or can the developers mark more than one answer as correct? I don't recall having this kind of problem with Spanish, but I probably never got as "high" in the Spanish program as I have done in this one, since I don't speak Spanish very well.

2) I am also encountering minor errors that are simply wrong -- e.g., I translated "Neha is a writer" as "Neha lekhak hai" and was told that is incorrect, and that the correct answer is, "Neha ek lekhak hai. " Okay, here I think the translation is flat-out wrong: Hindi does not use articles in the same manner as English or Spanish does. "Neha ek lekhak hai" means "Neha is one writer," which might make sense as a reply to, "How many writers are in this room?" but is certainly not the most common or correct way to say, "Neha is a writer."

July 21, 2018



I think your first point is just a symptom of its being in beta-testing - it's hard for the team to think of all the synonymous answers and manually enter them into the system. My advice is to use the report button and select 'My answer should be accepted' - that's how the answers database becomes comprehensive.


I just realized that was an option! Thanks, I’ll select it when it seems appropriate.



Neha ek lekhak hai would translate to Neha is a writer. "Ek" can mean "a" or "one" depending on context.

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