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"Me interesan mucho aquellos libros."

Translation:Those books interest me a lot.

3 weeks ago


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My answer "Those books interest me very much" was marked wrong. The suggested answer Duo gave me was "Those books interest me SO very much." So very picky, my good friend Duo.

1 week ago


Duo wouldn't accept "Those books really interest me." I still think that's an ok translation.

4 days ago


"I'm interested in a lot of those books" was marked incorrect, it should be accepted, reported

3 weeks ago

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Your sentence would be "Me interesan muchos de aquellos libros."
Another translation for Duo's sentence (which is accepted) is "I am very interested in those books."
"Mucho" in Duo's sentence is not an adjective modifying books (because then it would be muchos), but rather an adverb modifying interest or interested.

3 weeks ago