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  5. I officially love Czech :)


I officially love Czech :)

I struggle mightily with vocabulary retention, and I've only just started the third skill set, "Feminine".

Imagine my joy and delight to find out that I am no longer an old woman, I am a stary žena! I fell like a famous, glamorous, warrior princess!!!

She spells her name with x instead of z but hey, it helps me remember, and gives me a motivation boost!

I am stary žena!!!!

July 21, 2018



Dangit! Stará žena.

I still like it :)


Hahaha that's a nice way of memorising (quite confusing) vocabulary. I'm trying to learn polish, which is kind of like czech, and I can't ever remember the words correctly, and well the cases are a whole other story..


I have the opposite problem :D My Czech words like to end up with Polish spellings, and even when I get the word right I use the ending from the wrong language...


Now that's a much nicer way to think about it! I am not old, I have just matured into a warrior princess.


Mentally our wit should be on par with a warrior prince/princess.


Have a lingot. :)


great technique! I am sure many, many people struggle with Czech, so we all need ways and techniques to help us remember or motivate ourselves when we are stuck in a difficult position, and that is a good one!

[deactivated user]


    Just don't call other people that! :-D


    Ha! No, I don't think they'd appreciate the hidden compliment.


    YAY... someone is LIKING the Czech course now! Best of luck on your journey, and keep your spirits up, challenges and opportunities for mega-confusion notwithstanding! :-)


    I like it too - I chose it because it was going to be a serious challenge.


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    Vy nejste stará žena :))


    MAN you get the good ones while i get KLUK???

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