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"बड़ा कुत्ता, बड़ी बिल्ली। बड़े चूहे, बड़ी गायें।"

Translation:Big dog, big cat. Big mice, big cows.

July 21, 2018



Chuhe means both rats and mice, right? It counted me wrong for using rats.


There was no button to report at the time.


surely "big rats" is acceptable for बड़े चूहे, it's been using rat as a translation of चूहा to this point


Why are the cats always female and the dogs always male on Duo Hindi?


Hindi doesn't have the concept of neutral. The gender (or लिंग) of an object is pretty hard to remember. German also has a sort of similar system, only they have 3 genders. However, Hindi has only male and female. In a lot of cases, the male objects end with an (aa) sound and the female with an (ii) sound. But that's not a hard and fast rule. One example is pakshi, which is male. So a dog is always male, unless you're talking about a specific dog. And a cat is always female, unless you have a special one in mind.


If you're talking about a female dog or a male cat, do you use a different word?


Are rat and mouse the same word in Hindi??


Yes. Almost every time "Chuha" is used for both rats and mouse. But "Chachundar" is the actual word for rats.


Actually, chachundar means a shrew or a mole. Chuha technically means both rat and mouse, but most of the time it is used to mean just mouse. Rats don't really have a category of their own.


Pretty lost here, can someone explain variations of the word "big"?

  • BaRaa = singular (1) male
  • BaRe = plural male

  • BaRee = singular AND plural female


Why was that other 'big' capitalized?


I think the single vertical line is like a full stop....


It is. The period/full stop is also used some times!


No. Only that vertical line is used. It is called "Puran Viraam". "Puran" means "complete" and "Viraam" means "stop".


My answer was correct but only because i didn't use full stop and commas it is incorrect


I doubt that. My son uses Duolingo too and loves to show me how he cansquishallthewordstogetherandstillgetit'right'.

I can't tell you how many times in the past I thought "HEY I got that RIGHT!" - but then found out I misspelled something/etc. That said, maybe you're right and I'm wrong. Although I doubt it - this time ;)


I used all commas and got it right. Didn't know a straight line was a period! Are there more sanskrit punctuation marks?


Sanskrit doesn't really have that many ones of its own, as far as I can make out it's just '|' and '||'. It seems like all old texts were in poetic forms. '|' marked the end of a line and '||' marked the end of a couplet/stanza. (I never studied Sanskrit with the attention it deserves, but I remember this much.)


Why is it बड़ी गायें rather than बड़े गायें?


गाय is a female word.


Rats and Mice, both mean चूहे in hindi. Both should be coreect.


It showed wrong for big bcz i used Big


Big rat is also right one


Ya both mice and mouse and also rat is also right then why its showing wrong


Cuhé is it plural ? I need help please, i am french


Yes, cuhé is plural. The singular is cuha. It can mean both mice and rats, but is used more often to mean mice.

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