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Why are you learning Hindi?

So with the release of the Hindi Course on Duolingo I thought I would ask this question again because more people are on the discussion feed.

Why are you learning Hindi? What is it that makes you want to learn a entirely new language, and why is it this one?

For me I'm learning it because I've got a friend who is moving to India and I had a good discussion about the language and culture from what I knew (I study language and culture on my free time so I knew a lot about the topic), and that got me insanely motivated to learn Hindi. So I waited for some time for it to come out on Duolingo and here we are all trying to learn the language.

What is your story?

July 21, 2018



I'm half Indian and Hindi is pretty much the song of my cultural childhood - from numerous Bollywood movies to performances at Diwali and prayer. I really wish to understand it and use it on my future journeys to India.


Got 2 new neighbours from India. Very confusing: Their native language is Malayalam. But - think - one of the most-spoken languages in India is Hindi - and probably spoken or understood at least a little bit from lots of people in India. Second interest: Perhaps to get a very small entrance in understanding the parallels of Hindi with German (indo-german e.g. indo-europeen languages). But this target is far. Surely I will give up a few weeks later - dont know yet.


OMG I speak Malayalam! Ahhh we're so underrepresented in society. Thanks for learning my second language, Hindi!


It's my mother tongue and I would love to be more fluent in it as I've never learned it formally. Also, I would be so interested in learning Punjabi as well - anyone with me? Haha


Interesting for me, what you write. I would like to ask you: My neighbours (please see what I wrote above) told me, also to be able to read and understand Tamil. They say, it's very close to their own native language Malayalam. But they hardly can read or understand Hindi. In the past, initially I thougt, Hindi and English would be official languages, spoken in whole India by all people with higher school-certificates. But now I see, apparently it is not like this. What do you think: How many people (percentage) speak and understand Hindi in India? Do you approximately know this? Thank you very much if you would answer me! Greetings from HaJo/Germany

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    From what I know so far, most people in India speak some Hindi, the north speaks much more. Tamil is a different alphabet and different language that may share some words when you hear them. But I would say the similarity between Tamil and Hindi is not as close as, say Italian and Portuguese. They are different branches of language. Tamil is Dravidian.

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      Mango has Punjabi


      Speaking of, if I were to become proficient in a language not offered, would there be any way to help create that for Duolingo?

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        Hi JohnMichae382049, yes, there is a way. Click under your profile, at the bottom, add a new course, then look under there.

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          I love East Indian culture/s.

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            I've been picking up a lot of Hindi just by actively listening to Hindi movies and trying to figure things out. So I think it is time to take some formal instruction and see how that helps out the process. Plus, there are many Hindi speakers throughout the world so there is a good chance that I will have more opportunities to speak it upon improving my skills significantly.


            In my experience, I consider it d 3rd most spoken languages in AMERICA. I worked in the midwest to west coast and there always group of Indians that i will easily get along with. I studied it since 2015 when i was living with my roomMate from Hyderabad. But i stopped coz that time i was still improving my Spanish and it made me overwhelmed my mind couldnt take it no more studying 2 languages at the same time. And I'm one of the few who waited for years to finish it here in Duolingo. I guess im ready to get back learning it again now!


            Because I am very much embroiled in the Hindu community, as well I love Bharat and plan to go again. My goal is to go on the 12 jyortilinga pilgrimage.

            As well, I have many friends in Bharat, allover, north and south.

            I want to better communicate with my friends. I know many people who don't speak any English. We've been friends many years and get by on my broken Hindi. Fortunately, love is an international language, so they know they are my extended family

            Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam - the world is one family!


            Hindi seems to be usefull to me it has a lot of speakers.

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