"कई लड़के पढ़ते हैं।"

Translation:Many boys read.

July 22, 2018

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    Kai means many/several/a few... To me, "some" is just the same as "a few"... so is "Some boys read" an acceptable answer?


    Hmm... connotation of kai leans towards a larger amount, not really "a few". "Some" would be कुछ. I mean, ultimately it depends on how you interpret "some" in English, but we are not trying to understand English... "many" is better because it is unambiguous.

    [deactivated user]

      Gotchya, thanks :)


      This duolingo is very nice.I can learn very well


      is ladke only boys, how would one say many girls


      Many girls is said as "kai ladkiya" "क‌ई ल‍ड़कियाॅ


      Why isn't "There are many boys reading" accepted? If I leave "There are" off of other sentences that end in "हैं", it is wrong. (Such as साप आमी हौं । )


      "साप आमी हौं"?? What's that?

      The difference is that the sentence ends in a full verb, "पढ़ते हैं".

      It's present habitual tense -- "read". Not continuous tense - "are reading". Just translate it simply. There's a subject (doer of action) and a verb (the action). S+V --- many-boys + read.

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