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  5. "कई लड़के पढ़ते हैं।"

"कई लड़के पढ़ते हैं।"

Translation:Many boys read.

July 22, 2018



Kai means many/several/a few... To me, "some" is just the same as "a few"... so is "Some boys read" an acceptable answer?


Hmm... connotation of kai leans towards a larger amount, not really "a few". "Some" would be कुछ. I mean, ultimately it depends on how you interpret "some" in English, but we are not trying to understand English... "many" is better because it is unambiguous.


Gotchya, thanks :)


is ladke only boys, how would one say many girls


Why isn't "There are many boys reading" accepted? If I leave "There are" off of other sentences that end in "हैं", it is wrong. (Such as साप आमी हौं । )


"साप आमी हौं"?? What's that?

The difference is that the sentence ends in a full verb, "पढ़ते हैं".

It's present habitual tense -- "read". Not continuous tense - "are reading". Just translate it simply. There's a subject (doer of action) and a verb (the action). S+V --- many-boys + read.

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