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  5. "यह छत बहुत सस्ती है।"

"यह छत बहुत सस्ती है।"

Translation:This roof is very cheap.

July 22, 2018



Some added information that may be useful (not provided when hovering over these words unlike in other modules)- जमीन (floor) and छत (roof/terrace/balcony) are feminine


I agree. I find Duolingo's Hindi Tiny Cards helpful in expanding my vocabulary along with learning the word-genders.


Since Chat means terrace - and isn't a terrace a balcony? - so perhaps another answer could be "This balcony is very cheap?"


It means roof... a flat roof. People often sleep, cook, or live in rooms built upon a roof. That's what I get out of it, at least! :)


Yes very common from my experience throughout India. Nearly all residential buildings are built with flat accessible roofs that serve multiple functions. Very nice for sleeping in hot months, or drying and storing grain away from animals, or drying clothes in a crowded city.


This roof is really cheap should also be an answer


No. As a native speaker I can say that 'bahut' means 'very' whereas 'really' would be 'kafi'.


As a native speaker of English, I can say that "very" and "really" are synonyms.

And if it were "kaafi sasti," we would translate it as "pretty cheap."

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