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RanzoG's Tips: Phallic objects are generally feminine

How does one remember what inanimate nouns are masculine or feminine in Hindi-Urdu? Do we just have to memorize each gender as it comes?

Technically, yes, you do, but I have a way to help you guess more accurately if you have forgotten or not yet learned a word's gender.

Ask yourself: Is this at all shaped like a phallus? Or, does it have vaguely phallic qualities, like being long and skinny and narrow? If the answer is हां जी! then guess feminine.

Will you be right always? Of course not. (Don't try eggplant, btw.) But you will be right far more than you are wrong. And then, when you are wrong, you can think, "Hmm, isn't this odd that this is phallic and yet it's not feminine." Then you'll remember the exceptions!

Although not quite as reliable, you can do the same with the masculine gender. Think of wide, flat things... a maidaan (field), a saagar (ocean).

Now, we can say that this all seems a bit mixed up because, biologically, the masculine thingey is supposed to be the pokey-skinny one and the feminine should be broad and wide, but so it goes in the zany world of Hindi-Urdu.

If you disagree with me, I dare you to prove me wrong. Because either way you'll definitely learn the gender of some new words in the process.

accha jio,


July 22, 2018



That's hilarious. For ages I kept getting tripped up on the respective genders of baguette and sandwich in French because I was convinced the more phallic of the two had to be masculine ... mais non.


That is an interesting perspective! Thank you for this! :D


Let's begin to try this out!

pain (pen) - fem. pensil (pencil) - f sigreṭ (cigarette) - m NOPE! relgāṛī (train) - f - of course bas (bus) - f ... like a train saṛak (road) - f botal (bottle) - f gajar (carrot) - f ṭyūb / nalī (tube) - f cākū (knife) - NOPE! but churī - f camac (spoon) - f bandūk (gun) - f


Fascinating way to memorize the genders. Thanks :)


LOL first thought, "lingam", no. Wait, that's more Sanskritam, so I guess Hindi would be Linga. I know it's not feminine. Just my first thought when I initially read your post. Had to giggle with it.

You see where my mind is. This is what happens when one chants Lingashtakam. I have lingam on the brain. :P

Fun post. Dhanyavad


Lingot for this after-hours advice

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