"पीटर अच्छी कविता नहीं लिखता ।"

Translation:Peter does not write a good poem.

July 22, 2018

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    It's true that in Hindi this is singular, "a good poem", but it's also true that one way to translate this to great English is "Peter doesn't write good poems."


    Yes. Peter doesn't write good poetry, could also work.

    I hope they add alternate translations.


    "Peter does not write good poetry" is now accepted (01/2021)


    Selecting 'my answer should be accepted' via the report button is the best way to suggest alternative translations.

    [deactivated user]

      Hey Sam, at the point this was posted, the "should be accepted" link wasn't there for many phrases. Also, sometimes that link doesn't let you explain - yet it sometimes takes explaining to make a valid point :)


      Ah, so that means कविता can also mean "poetry" in general, right?


      According to Wiktionary, yes. :-)

      BTW, "good poems" was suggested above, but according to Wiktionary, the direct plural of कविता is कविताएँ (alt spelling कवितायें). Assuming Wiktionary got it right, the translation "Peter doesn't write good poems" doesn't work.


      I think you are right. Doesn't write good poem is not good English.


      पीटर एक वोगन है


      I was wondering how long it'd be before someone picked up on that. :-)


      Why doesn't the sentence have "hei" at the end? Does any of the words make it unnecessary?


      Yes, when the statement is negated, the है is optional and is commonly dropped.

      This question shows up in multiple forms:

      • In the "type what you hear" form, you're wrong if you type the है because it isn't in the audio.
      • In the form where you translate English to Hindi, you should be able to go either way.


      Peter does not write good poetry (which is accepted as a correct answer) would be a better translation, as kavita could mean a poem or poetry (or often a female name!)


      This sounds wrong.


      this should be, "Peter does not write good poems." - yes, i agree that in Hindi it's not singular, but for translating, it's gonna be written like that in English.


      Peter ka likhta kinky hai?


      I translated it as "Peter does not write good poems" but Duo offered "Peter does not write good poem." (sic)


      Jo mera answer h sir bahi apka answer h fir mene galat kya likha m app uninstall kar raha hu

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