"हम फल ख़रीदते हैं।"

Translation:We buy fruits.

July 22, 2018

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    "We buy fruit," or "We buy fruits" is the same thing in English. For example, you ask me what I bought at the store today. I say "Fruit". You could then say, "What kind?" So fruit = fruits. Therefore, "We buy fruit" should be accepted. :)


    We buy fruits even sounds rather strange, emphasizing as it does that one is buying different kinds of fruit.


    I agree that it would be good to accept. We do get insight to the Hindi brain here tho. Swap in "vegetable". In English, we buy vegetableS but in Hindi it would be we buy vegetable (sabzi)!


    In the same vein, I cringe a little every time I read "He does not like carrot." It's a perfectly good sentence but you wouldn't say it: somehow it delves much deeper into the essence of carrotness than what you probably want to communicate.


    In English "fruits" would not be used unless discussing different types of fruit. Even then, it's almost always simply "fruit".


    "Fruit" is a collective noun, like "fish" and "sheep". "Fruits" has an almost technical meaning like "fishes", referring to "varieties of fruit or fish." It is only used exceptionally and with a special intent. I don't think it should be used as routine translation of फाल. From what I gather from the native speakers here, plural फाल is simply plural with no special meaning.


    “We buy fruit.” Fruit is both singular and singular in English as it is a collective noun.


    Also I just learn this : फल fruit फूल flower


    thats i trying 3 times but im fail that line


    फल pronunciation is wrong, should be phal instead of fal. You guys need to learn the difference between .फ and फ.

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