"I dance better than you."

Translation:मैं आपसे बेहतर नाचता हूँ।

July 22, 2018

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If Bollywood has taught me anything, it's that Indians frequently break out into highly choreographed dance routines.


(Yes, I am being sarcastic.)


Yes. They also like to jump off trains while dramatically shooting guns on a regular basis /s

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    Is tujhse and tumse the same thing... can both be used here


    Yes. They are basically the same.

    Tujhse is derived from Tu. Example

    Tu ja raha hai - You are going.

    Tujhe(तुझे) kya hua - What happened to you?

    Peter ko tujhse baat karni hai - Peter wants to talk to you.

    All these have an equivalent in tum and its forms.

    Tu =Tum. Tujhe=tumhe(तुम्हे). Tujhse=tumse

    Tum ja rahe ho - You are going.

    Tumhe kya hua - What happened to you?

    Peter ko tumse baat karni hai - Peter wants to talk to you.

    Tu and its form are considered rude in most हिंदी speaking states. I don't know why duo decided to teach it as default.

    Always use आप aap. And otherwise use Tum/tumse/tumhe.

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      Great explanation. Just to be clear - it's only rude if you're not very close to that person, right?


      Yes but closer does not include your father uncle aunts and grandparents


      Check out the thread about this in the Hindi Discussions section.


      Just a wild speculation: "tu" is used so much in songs (i.e. in films), that maybe it would be useful to some of the people interested in Duolingo Hindi. Just a guess.


      तू is mostly used in Bollywood songs because a huge section of those songs are romantic ones, dedicated to their lovers. Such cases mostly require addressing people as तू. Most real conversations would make one think that it's safer to use the other ways to say you.

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        Tujhse is informal Tumse is more formal Aapse is most formal and respectful


        So as I see from other examples two ways of saying this are possible, correct? मै तुमसे अच्छा नाचता हूं and मै तुमसे बेहतर नाचता हूं?


        Yes. Both mean the same.


        I think the first of those two is much more common. मैं आपसे तुमसे नाचता हूँ।

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          When a girl or woman says I dance better than you, the Hindi translation is mein aaps behter nachti hun, not nachta hun, nachta hun is used when the sentence is said by a man or boy


          Hai or hun same to h


          i thought the syntax should be altered and it should say मैं आपसे नाचता बेहतर हूँ।


          doesn't the verb always go last tho?

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