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  5. "ये तीन कबूतर हैं।"

"ये तीन कबूतर हैं।"

Translation:These are three pigeons.

July 22, 2018



How would you differentiate between "These are three pigeons" and "These three are pigeons" (and I think the second one sounds more natural in English)? Should this be a matter of an alternate translation accepted or is there a difference in how it would be said in Hindi? TIA!


Let's replace pigeon with Goblins.
There are three goblins standing. So we say -
ये तीन goblin हैं। = These are three goblins.

Now these Goblins can shape shift and have turned themselves into humans but i still know that they are goblins who have changed forms. So i say
ये तीनो goblin हैं। = These three are goblins.


Are you saying there is no difference?


In his example, तीन became तीने, so there is a difference


I agree the English is awkward, It's hard for me to imagine a context where I would use the phrase "These are..." and a noun. "These are green" or "These are sour" (adjectives) seems natural to me, but "These are birds" might be something I would say only if I wanted to express surprise or an unexpected situation. I believe the better translation might be "HERE are three pigeons." or "There are three pigeons." "These..." in this context implies the pigeons are in my possession, and that I expected them to be something else, like crows. If I were to open a box marked "Three eggs" and I discovered three pigeons, I might exclaim "These (three eggs) are three pigeons!" I would contend that "These are..." is shorthand for "These things are..."

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I tried 'These three are pigeons' and it was rejected.


If i understand correctly, the translation of "these three are pigeons" would be the same as the question/answer, except तीन would become तीने, so that it is conjugated for the subject correctly.


I think that question is addressed in the comments above by HooSteveK and emrys29


Unfortunately it is not adequately addressed. The goblin metaphor does not help me at all.


Could this also mean "These three are pigeons"? If not, how would you say that? (e.g. In a cage with many birds you might specify that these three are pigeons.)


No, check out the other posts on this discussion, already been answered.


Why not "They are three pigeons" ?? (nearby, so ये not वे)

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