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  5. "The women are happy."

"The women are happy."

Translation:Ābri kirini issi.

July 22, 2018



I put "Kirini ābri issi" and was marked wrong. From everything I have read the adjective can either lead or follow the subject and still be valid. So what gives?


It's bad that it is called "typo" if you choose the wrong verb form: I chose "iksi" and it says "You have a typo in your answer. Ābri kirini issi."

please fix


Because it means two different things and is not a correct answer.


This was actually Silas' point. The question marked them Correct, but said they had a typo. Silas was, rightfully, pointing out it should have been marked incorrect


Can anyone explain the difference between Issi & Iksat?


Sure. 'Issi' is used to refer to 'they', meaning a third party group of others of which you are speaking about. 'Iksāt' is a plural 'you' referring to a group of others to whom you are speaking. So: 'Riñi issi' - They are girls, vs 'Riñi iksāt' - You are girls

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