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  5. "तू पानी पीती है।"

"तू पानी पीती है।"

Translation:You drink water.

July 22, 2018



I'm maybe anticipating but I saw that तू is mentioned as informal / intimate second-person singular. I'm used to tu / vous, du / Sie, tu / Vd. A binary informal / polite form to address one person. In Hindi, I think you have 3 forms. Intimate / informal / polite. Is तू safe to use with friends, younger people etc ? I don't want to use the "intimate" instead of the informal.


You better use "tum" with friends and younger people. "Tu" only for small children, or close loved ones.


So in that case, it would become " tum paani peete ho"


Correct , but tum shall be used even when speaking to children because it shows our humbleness towards them , we avoid speaking 'tu' to children , in hindi 'tu' is only used when someone is your close friend and both of you are of "same age".if i want to ask a child to come near me i will say- Tum idhar aao. But if im asking my best friend i will say- Tu idhar aa.


It shoud be tum not tu....tu sounds very disrespectful


"Tu" is not right word of in hindi language. "Tum" is the best word for "you". Please correct the sentence तू पानी पीती है। You can say this = तुम पानी पीती हो। या तुम पानी पी रही हो।


The sentence is correct. People need to learn both Tu and Tum.


Why isn't it you are drinking water


That would be "tum pani pi rahi ho". Hindi has distinct imperfect and continuous tenses.


Its not continuous, its just a statement that you drink water. Not right now, but any time.


What's the point of "he" here?


That's the present tense! The verb is in present-habitual, a 2-word phrase. The pītī portion of it shows the habitual nature of the action and the hai part tells us it is in the present.


I thought it was tum hoo or aap hain. What is the reason for tu plus hain?


We use tu plus hain when the subject is very close to us , like u can say - tu pani piti(female)hai. To your best /close friend (girl), Tu pani pita(male)hai.to your close friend or younger brother, etc...........but even if the person is younger than/close to you you must say Tum Pani piti ho , which signifies how elegantly/humbly (adab-humble , adab se- humbly)you are communicating with your close ones too.


In English, there's no difference. But in any other language clearly we can distinguish between masculin and feminine


i cant type hindi from my keyboard


In hindi different from other languages is the mannerful talks so "Tum" is more polite than "tu". Also "ap" word can also be used.


What Mike wrong answer?

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