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  5. "That boy drinks water."

"That boy drinks water."

Translation:वह लड़का पानी पीता है।

July 22, 2018



I've reported the audio not working but what is the transliteration? I'm not that good at reading yet.


Its Wo ladka paani peeta hai


Is paani water


Yes. Pānī is water.


hi there, what's the convention for transliteration? for example, the last word 'hai' has a diagraph 'ai' but the pronunciation is that of an unstressed, reduced 'e'. thanks


@jugglejunk: I recommend to redo the part 1 lessons and not yet to go into part 2 until the reading is almost fluent, not by using the transliteration but by reading the Sanskrit directly. In the long run that gives better results and there's no need to worry about the transliteration. I did Hebrew and Russian almost totally without transliterations. Success! (Aug 2020)


Wo larka paani peeta hai


Absolutely right Woh ladka pani peeta hai


Owen-Benjambavan I agree with you.


the alphabet part was easy, now trying to do this with knowing almost any vocabulary is difficult, I'm starting to guess the answers and that's not a very efficient way to learn. Looks like now I have to leave duolingo, read vocabulary for a few weeks, then come back.


@Owen-Benjambavan: Listen to the vocalization on top of this page .. and look at the writing .. 10x, 30x, .. and rewrite yourselves.. 10x, 20x, .. No need to leave DL for that. It took me 2 days to figure out how the 50+ characters of the Sanskrit "work." Learning them takes weeks, but it sure can be done! (Aug 2020)

[deactivated user]

    Not necessarily, I think. Thats why duo has given those grey lines under each word, so that you may learn its meaning. You may use those grey lines for few exercises, then you will be able to learn new words. Also keep a dictionary handy;)


    The tip clearly states यह and वह are pronounced as ye and voh, instead of yah and vah. But listen to the lady pronounce it as vah!!!

    [deactivated user]

      Pronounciation varies with different people. You may pronounce it as either, I feel convenient with yah and vah, as its more beginner friendly. Besides, there is already a word ये. How you want to pronounce ot depends on you. Probably DL wants its learners to learn all the different pronounciations.


      Yes dialect varies from place to place. And pronounciation too


      What is the second word in the hindi translation?

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