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  5. "Neha reads and Julia eats."

"Neha reads and Julia eats."

Translation:नेहा पढ़ती है और जूलिया खाती है।

July 22, 2018



Is it really necessary to use है twice in this sentence?


Yes. It is necessary in both written and spoken Hindi.


है means is, right? Why is it necessary in this sentence? (I understand some Hindi but don't know how sentences are structured, I'd appreciate an explanation.)


है does translate to "is" but it's used in almost every sentence in Hindi, even when we would not use "is" in the same sentence in English. Just something to get used to. For example, "I drink water" = "मैं पानी पीता हूँ" which is more akin to "I am drink water" but that's just how it's said. है is almost always needed, in most sentences. Some exceptions would be that you can drop the है if the sentence is negative, for example "मैं पानी नहीं पीता" = "I don't drink water." And you don't use है in past or future tense sentences either, for example "I ate food" = "मैंने खाना खाया" and "I will eat food" = "मैं खाना खाऊँगा."


Dhanyavaad, Zerenei


Thanks for explaining.


@23_h: Most languages of the World have a totally different grammatical and phonological structure than our West-European languages. Better get used to that ;) And even close to home: German has 4 cases and 3 genders, Finnish has no gender and over a dozen cases. Or try Bask or Welsh .. Happy learning! (Aug 2020)


Yes its necessary as है is used as a helping verb and without it sentence will be incomplete


Thanks for explaining


This sentence kinda rhymes in both English and Hindi.


इस वाक्य से यह पता चलता है कि नेहा पढाकू है और जुलीया भुकखर ;-)


Are you indian?


Yup I am and I am also learning korean:)


Neha and reads and Julia eats

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