July 22, 2018



"look" might be more accurate since 'see' is a transitive verb that doesn't really work imperatively (unless "See!" is meant as "I told you so", in which case some context might be good)

July 22, 2018


You're completely right. It should definitely be "look".

July 22, 2018


It seems to me from films that this is also used casually, like "Look!" in English, in the sense meaning "listen to me" rather than actually physically looking at something. Is that true?

August 3, 2018


See is really hardly ever used as a command. It's not really used in the sense of "listen to me" as you suggest. It is used as a question, perhaps with little inflection, so it could be mistaken for a command, like this: see? (what I mean)? Even in pluckygeini757's post above (which I agree with), the "I told you so!" form is technically still a question. "Listen, it's like this..." could be replaced with "See, it's like this..." In which it is actually a command... but an odd one... It's a bit like commanding someone to hear something... you can ask them to listen, but hearing isn't voluntary... unless you're speaking about "hearing" in the sense of comprehending, and even then it's on a profound level.

August 8, 2018
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