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French Idioms & Flirting

I'm halfway through the French Tree and I'm sure others must share my frustration. Firstly, the flirting lesson is just really bad. These may be proper chat up lines for 'someone', but I am not motivated to learn them properly because they are rubbish!

Which leads to my second and more serious point: Idioms. The flirting lesson is somewhat idiomatic and so along with the idiom lessons they are sometimes hard to learn, mostly because some don't sound natural in English. My problem is two-fold:

1) The 'Strengthen weak words' option does not seems to include Idioms/Flirting. These must be accessed directly to strengthen, from what I can tell;

2) I don't think Idioms is in the right place in the tree. The nature of an idiom in any language is its difficulty to interpret. Even moreso when learning a new language. So rather than learning each Idiom, I'm simply memorising them to get through as I am/was not advanced enough to understand them.

So, my suggestions/solutions:

  • Place the option to obtain the Idioms lesson (in particular) later in the tree, once students are more advanced - I was at level 6 or so at the time.

  • Fix the 'Strengthen Weak Words' function to include the Idioms lesson, unless I have just got this completely wrong.

Finally, can we vote to change or get rid of some of the crappy 'flirting' phrases please?


April 30, 2014



Hi, i decided to work my way down the french lessons tree, completing only lesson one for each category, when i reached the very last lesson i went all the wah back to the top and started down again on the lesson twos. After one of the updates, i noticed the french flirting lesson is no longer an option for purchase. What happened to it? I was hoping to equip that.


Hi! May I ask, what are some bad pick-up lines that you have read in that French Flirting?? (You can write it in French, the translate in English) Thanks! Have a nice day! :D.


Maybe I'm doing the skill too early on but I find that the bonus skills are in a weird place on the tree. I'm trying to do the flirting bonus skill and some of the words and grammar are completely alien. Unlike the other skills which feed you new vocab at an acceptable pace, with flirting I'm thrown a sentence filled with words and grammar I can't understand quickly enough

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