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"Does she live in India or America?"

Translation:वह भारत में रहती है या अमेरिका में?

July 22, 2018



I had a similar issue with a different question. Shouldn't 'kya vah Bharat ya America mein rahthi hain?" also be accepted?


That sentence means something like "Does she live in (either of) India or America?". क्या has no requirement in such a sentence where the listener is asked to choose between the options you offer.


Shouldn't "वह भारत या अमेरिका में रहती है ?" be correct, then?


That was my guess, too, but with में after भारत as well as after अमेरिका. Not accepted, but I'd like to know whether it's actually wrong.


A little odd but correct . Happy learning :)


Your sentence seems like it is declarative sentence, not asking a quastion


A more correct translation would be : क्या वह भारत में रहती है या अमेरिका में ?


That's a different question - live in either? Yes/no? vs. live in which of?


That sounds unnatural.


Then how would you say the statement version of this?

Person A: Do you know where she lives? Person B: Hmmm... She lives in India or America.


This is something about intonation, when speaking in person you would realise question tone. Also if you mean to inform person A about the county a or b, I guess you should say: वह भारत या अमेरिका में रहती है


I agree! I had the same problem!


Yes. That's a fine construction.


Does "kya" not always turn a statement into a question?


You only use क्या at the beginning of yes or no questions, I believe.


Is there a reason why वह क्या भारत में रहती या अमेरिका में would be wrong?


yes; when kyaa is placed at the very beginning of the sentence, it turns a statement into a question. For example, Mein tik hu is I am okay, versus Kyaa mein tik hu? meaning Am I okay? When it kyaa is placed within the sentence, it means what. For example, Yaha kya hai?, what is this?


That's what i thought, but the verb होना is missing in your sentence. वह क्या भरात में रहती है या अमेरिका में? Can anyone confirm this? Would that be correct?


Difficult to show with the current sentence pattern, but try comparing the following: क्या वह खाता है? Does he eat? (क्या to turn statement into question) वह क्या खाता है? What does he eat? (क्या meaning ''what")


Actually this is very wrong. If you said 'wha kya khaati hai' then it would be right. Even if you just wrote 'wha kya bharat main rehti hai' it would be altight but since 'ya america main' is added it becomes grammatically wrong. You will learn more on this later. Happy learning. :)


Its funny. why kya should not be used. Please look and change the answer as an alternate answer.


Without kya, I don’t understand how it is a question rather than a statement.


You only use क्या at the beginning of yes or no questions, I believe.


the second ‘in’ is not in the text.


This question is ambiguous. I interpreted it as "Does she live in India or America (rather than Thailand or Madagascar)?" It did not occur to me that they were asking, "In which of these to countries does she live?"


The given English should be '...or in America', it's not only better English (though the current is perfectly acceptable colloquial) but more literal, and a good hint at the correct Hindi (repetition of में).


Can anybody answer this question? Why Kyaa is no needed? Tks So far it didn´t make sense to me.


Kyaa at the beginning of a sentence turns it into a yes or no question. So, "does she live here or there" is not a yes or no question. Its leaves 2 choices here or there. Yes or no in answer to that question would not make sense.


Interesting, just the 'Ya' implies the question without an interrogative


Why "kya" is not used?


Kya introduces a question fornwhich the answer is either yes or no. The answer to this question is India America. Not yes or no.


Is it necessary to put the verb in the middle of the sentence? I put "वह भारत में या अमरीका में रहती है"


Consider the English: 'Does she live in America or India?' and 'Does she live in America, or in India?'


रहती है!


I have to admit that to me this sentence was the hardest so far, I had to screenshot the right answer.


Very frustrating sentence. No kya used and seems to break its own rules . . .like English frequently does! When I used Google translate, it agreed with my answer: " क्या वह भारत या अमेरिका में रहती है? How are you supposed to know when to use kya?


Kya at the beginning of the semtence requires a yes or no answer. This question is multiole choice. India or america.


Exactly! What gigichicken said is correct. I can give you another comparison with English that maybe helps you too see the same logic in other language.

You can also notice, in English you have different "question starters".

Some questions start with a interrogative particle such as what, where, when, etc. For example: where do you work? What do you do? When do you wake up? Those questions ARE NOT yes/no questions.

There are other questions start with an auxiliary verb, such as have, to be, can, should, etc. For example: do you work? Have you been here before? Should I answer? Those ARE yes/no questions.

Same thing happens in Hindi. Some questions are YES/NO questions, and start with Kya and some questions are not and have a different question starter: they start with subject and can either contain a question particle (Kya, Kahan, vahan...) or follow another construction that makes it a question (for example ya + question mark)


If में is used after both भारत and अमेरिका in the Hindi, why is 'in' not used before America in the English?


But reading that, for me, it's: she lives in either or; not - does she. Yes there is the question mark in writing and intonation in speech but it isn't obvious that you don't use "kya".


I put the right answer but it's not working!


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Why , i m wrong??


I don't know, what did you write?


Are you a teacher? Because teachers do not ask wrong questions.

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