"जूलिया क्या खाती है?"

Translation:What does Julia eat?

July 22, 2018

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Does "क्या"/"Kya" - "What" mean the same as what when asking "What did you say?"


Yes. What did you say would translate to - क्या कहा आपने/तुमने?


I don't know Hindi well, but would "What is Julia eating?" work here? I do speak Italian and French fluently, and in those languages the simple present can often translate into English as the present progressive or the simple present. Is that also the case in Hindi? Thanks!


Not quite, like Null-A said there is a continuous form. 'What is Julia eating' would be जूलिया क्या खा रही है? Taking the root of the verb (-ना) and adding रही (or रहा for boys, or रहे for plural or when conjugating with तुम or आप) make the verb continuous. As far as I know the present and present continuous aren't interchangeable in Hindi.


Also, just to clarify, "What is Julia eating?" is what I responded and it counted it as incorrect.


Hindi has a progressive form indeed. For this particular example here, I think it would be जूलिया क्या खा रही है? (What is Julia eating?)


It is what does julia eat


It mean at present julia is eating. And the it's a question that what does Julia eat?


How to distinguish क्या from what/does/will?


They have different sentence structures.

When क्या is used as 'what', it appears right before the verb.

When क्या is used as does, will etc, it comes at the beginning of the sentence. It is prefixed to a statement to make it into a question.

For example,
जूलिया क्या खाती है? - 'What does Julia eat?' - Notice that क्या comes before the verb खाती
क्या जूलिया खाती है? - 'Does Julia eat?' - क्या appears in the beginning. By adding क्या at the start, we have turned the statement जूलिया खाती है। (Julia eats) into a yes/no question.

जूलिया क्या खायेगी? - 'What will Julia eat?' - क्या comes before the verb which is in future tense
क्या जूलिया खायेगी? - 'Will Julia eat?' - क्या at the beginning making the statement जूलिया खायेगी (Julia will eat) into a question.


Makes sense, thank you for the in depth response vinay.


What does Julia eats? Is right answer


It should be 'eat' because the verb 'does' has already been conjugated with 'Julia'.


I don't no who is julia


What does Julia eat? And What Julia eats, are one amd the same....yet it shows as incorrect !


Why answer l don,t no


It's showing incorrect even i entered right sentence

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