"वह तेरा घर नहीं है।"

Translation:That is not your home.

July 22, 2018

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Why is: "That is not your house" incorrect?


It turned out right for me!!!


Duo gave right for me


That is not your home


Tum tum to chup hi raho


Like i am so cunfused


That is not your home


That is not your home


I wrote “this is not your house” but it came wrong, and said the right answer was “this is not your home”. I don’t understand how I was wrong.


Hello Aaliya, The question is "vah" which means "that" we can use "this" to mean "yah"


You are right ✅


Why are we taught to use तेरा which is the intimate form of "your". I don't no yet which is the right one but I shocked an indian using तेरा.


I was completely wondering this! If you are friendly with someone than तुम्हारा might be acceptable but in most situations you would use आपका...

I actually posted a complaint on a problem that did not accept आपका as an answer choice! तेरा would be considered rude if you said it to anyone but a child or your significant other! Why are we being taught this first!


Shocked? What is this for a guy getting shocked by such? :-)


sorry, I am not a native english speaker...


I think I've heard नहीं pronounced more like नेईं before, although I'm really not sure. Can anybody confirm or deny this?


In Punjabi (a language which is very similar to Hindi, shares a lot of the same words), the "h" is not pronounced in nahīṅ (although the two words are spelled identically).

Consider: 1) Punjabi is one of the major languages / speech populations in Delhi.

And nor does that mean people consider Delhi to be a mixed or "impure" environment for Hindi. On the contrary, Delhi is routinely cited as the basis for a "khaṛī bolī" (standard speech).

2) Indian regional languages shade into one another. You've got a whole area to the Northwest that is considered to be some or other variety of "Punjabi" which, by the time you move southeast to Delhi, is supposed to be some or other variety of "Hindi." Where is the "border" between the dialects?

It seems possible, even likely, that around Delhi you'll find many people who are speaking Hindi with their Punjabi accent (omitting the H) or who are speaking Hindi with an accent that indeed exists somewhere along the SPECTRUM of regional language.

This is the exact same thing I am getting at with the dropping of auxiliary "hai" in negative constructions in present habitual and progressive tense. One always does that in Punjabi. The authorities say that one "often" does that in Hindi. emrys29, resident of a Hindi speaking area, says one "rare"-ly does it in Hindi. It's possible we could resolve this if we knew whether in, say, Bhopal, Hindi speakers are not under the influence of these things at all, as oppose to Delhi, where if you go there you will probably hear that range of pronunciation.


That is extremely useful information! In fact, as a general trend, as you start from the western and move towards the eastern parts of the Hindi speaking regions (known as the Hindi belt) in India, the ह becomes more and more emphasised, from almost neglected pronunciation in Punjab to a heavy pronunciation in Bihar. :D


@aaditsingh8 Old thread, I know, but it popped up in my notifications. And I was just remembering how when I learned something about the Bazigar tribes' dialect (I did research with Bazigar people, and collected samples of language), I found that they ALWAYS "drop" H. I mean, for example, they say "Hindustan" as "industan." It's more complicated actually in that they replace H with a linguistic tone. In some positions in Punjabi speech, the written (but not "pronounced") h indicates a tone. Bazigar language resembles Punjabi, Hindi, and dialects of northern Rajasthan, while also being distinguishable as its own language.


Hmm very interesting. Thanks for the super detailed answer, I will keep that all in mind, especially if/when I travel to India! I had heard the different pronounciation in films, so perhaps the actors were from punjab.


That is very good information .nice


"That house is not yours" marked incorrect but why?


As your (तेरा) comes just before house/home (घर), it is better to keep them together in the translation: your house.
It DOES mean the same however.


Usinh"thera" can offend people. I think duo can teach"aapka" instead


I am not optimistic that I will ever be able to pronounce घ correctly :( It is such a hard sound for me to pronounce. Does anybody have any tips?


You'll get it! Maybe try to say "dog-house," and focus on the sound combining "g-h" in that word. Or, think about the Hindi sound kh ख. It's the exact same sound as the "c" in English "cat." Then think about adding "voicing", i.e. a vibration of the vocal chords, to that sound. The only difference between kh ख and घ is that the first is unvoiced and the second is voiced.


Happy onam in kerala


Why is it tera and not teré


one house only. otherwise ih has to be "tere ghar nahi hain".... or in your house "tere ghar me"...


Yes it has some peo


Instead of home we can also use house...Then why is it showing incorrect???


Is there a different hindi word for 'house' rather than 'home'? If so, in what context would we use 'house'?


Hi ji kya kar raha ha


That is right for me


What is difference between house and home


how can is judge "house" incorrect ?? you should fix this bug

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