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  5. "rop qabwIj nIH."

"rop qabwIj nIH."

Translation:The right side of my face is ill.

July 22, 2018



I've seen plenty of references to the left/right side of something, but how would you refer to a right or left thing.

How would you say for example "My right foot is ill."?


I don't believe it's been clearly established, but your right foot is the one that is in an area that could be described as "an area to the right", so I'd go with

rop nIH qamwIj.

"My foot of the area to the right is sick."

I suppose there might be an issue if you're sitting with your legs crossed, but I think you'd probably still call it your nIH qam.


Thanks, so something like:
{poS mInDaj Hutlh Sa'.} likely works for "The General lacks his left eye." qar'a'?


Or maybe {poS qamwIj roSwI' vIrIQmoHpu'.} for "I have injured the middle toe of my left foot"?


Yup, both of those look good to me.


Would this be a good way for a Klingon to describe having a stroke? I'm being serious as someone who works in a hospital.


Sure, it could be. Or Bell's palsy, too.

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