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Add words from translations

Dear All,

The Duolingo is a best tool ever. I started using it to polish my German language skills. I see some progress already. I quite often use "Train weakest words" option which I find great. Today I went into text translation and then it blimped. It would be so cool if one can add to the words from translated texts into learned dictionary. Then one starts exploring some words which otherwise he would come across so soon.

Best R.

March 27, 2013



Happy you are enjoying Duolingo. And thanks for the feedback! Adding vocab you discover is an interesting idea. I'll bring it back to the rest of the team.


yeah, i think this would be great... especially if the vocabulary list is separate from the words learned formally through duolingo.. for example, the vocabulary list is great as it is - if you were also able to click on "expanded vocabulary" or "discovered vocabulary" or something like that for words that you've discovered in real world translations.

it'd seem like a difficult feature to add, but perhaps someday it'll work as roman.klis suggested. for me, the lessons are still a far way off from the translations. i'm clueless on just about every real world translation that comes up, until i 'discover' some of the words by hovering first. by implementing roman's suggestion, a person would be able to more quickly compound real-world translation words into a formidable and working vocabulary alongside their formally learned duolingo base vocabulary.


I agree wholeheartedly. The words shown under "Vocabulary" are much too basic for people doing translations. On the other hand, there are many words that I encounter while doing the translations that I would like to learn and add to my own vocabulary list.

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