"A cat is sitting on that chair."

Translation:उस कुर्सी पर बिल्ली बैठी है।

July 22, 2018



I thought because of SOV structure (एक) बिल्ली उस कुर्सी पर बैठी है। would be correct. Would this be a second option to translate the sentence or is it wrong?

July 22, 2018


Your version is slightly better.

July 22, 2018


Both translations are fine. Hindi is somewhat flexible when it comes to sentence structure.

July 22, 2018


How come the the “to sit” sentences with English progressive are given without “rehi/a/e” in Hindi? In other instances, Duolingo tries to convice me that -ing and reha kind of correspond to each other.

June 29, 2019
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