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"A cat is sitting on that chair."

Translation:उस कुर्सी पर बिल्ली बैठी है।

July 22, 2018



I thought because of SOV structure (एक) बिल्ली उस कुर्सी पर बैठी है। would be correct. Would this be a second option to translate the sentence or is it wrong?


Your version is slightly better.


Both translations are fine. Hindi is somewhat flexible when it comes to sentence structure.


That's what I also thought


That's what I thought and found in real world.


Same, and Duolingo is accepting that word order.


How come the the “to sit” sentences with English progressive are given without “rehi/a/e” in Hindi? In other instances, Duolingo tries to convice me that -ing and reha kind of correspond to each other.


Sitting and standing are exceptions.


But I guess it would be acceptable to use rahi hai in speech if you wanted to? ? Sounds fine to me?


No because in Hindi sitting and standing are action verbs not stative verbs- think of it like sitting down and standing up. Therefore you're actually using the present perfect in these sentences (literally, the cat has sat down). बैठ रही है would mean "the cat is sitting down" (that is, in the process of sitting)


Why isn't बिल्ली the first word of the sentence?


In some cases we are marked wrong as we put the most logical English translation i.e This car is mine - Yeh meri gadi hai', and here it is marked wrong as they decide to not do direct translation but logical English. Please keep the sentence structure rules consistent, if possible. Otherwise it is very confusing for the learner.


So agree with you, it becomes somewhat of a guessing game.

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