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  5. "Neha is my fourth friend."

"Neha is my fourth friend."

Translation:नेहा मेरी चौथी दोस्त है।

July 22, 2018



दोस्त can have either male or female gender?


Yes. It doesn't change forms either.
Dost = friend and it remains the same in all sentences.

दोस्ती = friendship, and that's all the forms of this word.


You mean that even if I am talking specifically about female friends, the plural form is still दोस्त not दोस्तें?

By the way, it is nice to see that there are so many Persian words in Hindi (in Persian it is دوست - doost and دوستی - doosti).


emrys29 is right. However, when specifically referring to female friends, people often use "सहेली" (singular)


You're right. Dost remains dost whether you talk about female friends or a group of friends.


Very useful discussion for me.


So dost is feminine word then, hence meri and not mera?


Dost is gender neutral. Meri is used because Neha is a female


Hindi never had gender neutral nouns, am I right?

Even the introduction to Hindi grammar says it's always masculine or feminine (no question of neutral).


I think what he meant is that it can go either way (masculine or feminine).


S- She has friends? :'(


Ngl if i that it woukd sound like neha is my shortest friend


Hindi speakers: Is it easy to misinterpret 'chotha' (fourth) with 'chota' (small), or are they pronounced differently enough that it's never a problem?


To native hindi speakers they sound pretty different. Choti (छोटी) and (चौथी)

notice the different sounds छ and च ..

At first when I saw all the comments about shortest vs fourth . I though why would anyone ever confuse (छोटी) and (चौथी) they are nowhere close to each other..

but then I realized that when we write it in because of the (ch) english the sound gets lost in translation... And could be confusing


Another interesting thing is if I have to translate चौथा to English, I would not write it as "chotha" because this is actually confusing with fourth..

I'd rather write it as "chautha" to better represent what it is supposed to sound like in Hindi. It's not a lot better but avoids confusion with chota (small) .

The only correct way to represent in fully accurately in English would be to use accents I guess.


नेहा मेरी चौथी छोटी दोस्त है

Another thing to confuse Google translate. After an exercise, I try to practice speaking into Google translate, making up sentences using the new words. I failed here...


Why मेरी?


neha is female


Hindi speakers!!! Is dost feminine?? Please answer it asap? Somewhere ive seen we should always use mera dost even if the dost is a female person


Dost is not feminine nor is it masculine. You can say 'meri dost' for your friend who is a girl and 'mera dost' for your friend who is a guy. यह मेरी कॉलेज की दोस्त है 'Yeh meri college ki dost hai' ~ 'This is my college friend (female)' AND यह मेरा कॉलेज का दोस्त है 'Yeh mera college ka dost hai' ~ 'This is my college friend (male)'; both sentences are correct.


No No! That's totally strange! That's not how Hindi works. Hindi always has classified objects either masc or fem but not either of the two. Btw! Are you a native Hindi speaker? Google says दोस्त is पुल्लिंग (masc. gender) and it's always यह मेरे कॉलेज का दोस्त है। either the दोस्त is a male or a female. (It's similar to French, I'm not sure. I saw somewhere in net that French and Hindi are similar when it comes to gender classification)


The "technically" correct word for female friend is सहेली but in common usage दोस्त is used for both male and female friends.

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