"We play at ten at night."

Translation:हम रात को दस बजे खेलते हैं।

July 22, 2018



Is हम दस बजे रात को खेलते हैं। also acceptable?

December 6, 2018


As wife of Indian I say both are correct. I made the same mistake.

March 7, 2019


Is it wrong to say "हम रात में खेलते हैं" instead of "हम रात को खेलते हैं"?

The former feels more natural as an English speaker, and would like to know if it is acceptable. The second sounds a little like "We play with the night"

July 22, 2018


We play at night - हम रात में खेलते हैं।
We play at ten at night - हम रात को दस बजे खेलते हैं।

The addition of the specific 10 o'clock changes the postposition.

July 23, 2018
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