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Hindi is SOV small explanation with example

So People who are trying to learn Hindi some of you might know that Hindi is SOV which means its Subject Object Verb not SVO like Rnglish for example:

English: I (Subject) want (Verb) to go to India (Object). Hindi(Just writing Hindi in English script because I am lazy): Mujhe (Subject) India (Object) jana hai (Verb). Tip: Indians would usually change "Mujhe" and instead say "Meko" it's just Mujhe is more formal and I only use it with people i don't know and elders depends like with my oarents I just say meko but with my parents friends I would say Mujhe.

Some could get even confusing. Like asking if someone wants to play football tommorow for this example I would put my friends name as Raj.

Raj (Subject) kya tujhe (This is to make it a question I don't know what it is lol) kal football (Object) khelna hai?(Verb) Literal translation would be: Raj do you want tommorow football play?

and usually I would ask like this: Raj (Subject) kal football (Object) khelna hai?(Verb) Literal translation: Raj tommorow football play?

you get what I mean it can get hard or confusing sometimes for new people to Hindi, but as long as you practice you can do anything.

This was just a small post for this. Anyway tell me in reply section is SOV order hard for you or not or how is it?

July 22, 2018


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