"क्या आपने पानी पिया?"

Translation:Did you drink water?

July 22, 2018

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'Did you drink the water' is marked incorrect.


Yeah, no sense in that without any way to specify the definite article in Hindi! It is a correct option for sure


Water is uncountable. So that is why we say 'did you drink water'.


countability has nothing to do with article use. "the water" would simply refer to some specific water, like "the water i gave you"


Why is aapne used here?


I'm not sure, it could be to indicate past tense according to my very basic understanding. It is a very good question indeed.

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Would "कया आपने पानी पी" be incorrect?


It is incorrect. Pani is musculine.


I also wrote 'the water'. The use of the definite article in English entirely contextual. If 'water' is picking up a prior reference (called "second mention" grammatically) it requires 'the'; or if it is a first mention of something visible to the speaker and the person addressed, it requires 'the'. Native speakers of English, as such, know this and never make and error. Hence, the use of articles is never discussed in English classes for native speaking children and English speakers never think about it unless they have to explain 'the' to a speaker of a language without articles, and they generally find that they can't explain it. In any case, with no context here and no visual to refer to, there is no criterion for choosing 'the' or zero article.


How does this compare to "Have you drunk water?"


I was writing as "Did u drink water?"

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