"This is a book."

Translation:यह एक किताब है।

July 22, 2018

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In the Basic 1 notes, I read that almost nobody pronounces यह the way it's written (the more common pronunciation is close to 'yay'), but the audio keeps pronouncing it as it's written. Is that correct or is it a bug? Same goes for 'vo'.



It's just them pronouncing it wrong, with the false idea that it is right. Take the word "often" in English. The "t" sound is not pronounced; anybody who has learned English naturally for centuries knows this. But then you have people who look at the spelling of the word and think, "Hmm, I see a t so if I pronounce it, I will be doing it the right way! When others don't pronounce it, that's OK... I mean, sure, 'offen' is how it's usually pronounced, but I'm here to show you that I can read letters on a page and do it the proper way." lol


From here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/hi/Basics-1/tips-and-notes

"Often, यह (yah) is pronounced as ye (like ये) and वह (vah) is pronounced as vo (like वो) colloquially. However, those are not the technically correct spellings. In formal and literary contexts, these colloquial pronunciations are considered incorrect."

I'm pretty sure "yah" and "vah" were the original Sanskrit pronunciations, but over time the pronunciations evolved into their current forms ("ye" and "vo"). So practically speaking, you need to know that the two words are written one way but pronounced a different way.


What in the world are "original Sanskrit pronunciations"? This is Hindi.



"Like other Indo-Aryan languages, Hindi is a direct descendant of an early form of Vedic Sanskrit"

Now, I don't know for sure that the corresponding Sanskrit words were pronounced as "yah"/"yaha" and "vah"/"vaha" in Sanskrit, but that's my guess.


The explanation given in the tips that "yah" and "vah" are pronounced like "ye" and "vo" is incorrect. These both are completely different pronouns.

"yah" and "vah" are singular pronouns but "ye" and "vo" can be used as both singular pronouns. No native would ever consider these pronouns the same. Look at these examples below.

  1. यह किताब yah kitāb = this book
  2. वह किताब vah kitāb = that book
  3. ये किताबें ye kitābë = these books
  4. वे किताबें ve kitābë = those books

The pronous are different in each case depending one whether we are refer to something plural or singular. But ये (ye) and वो (vo) work completely differently. These are completely different pronouns and it is wrong to say that यह (yah) and वह (vah) are pronounced like "ye" and "vo".

  1. ये किताब ye kitāb = this book
  2. ये किताबें kitābë = these books
  3. वो किताब vo kitāb = that book
  4. वो किताबें vo kitābë = those books

As you can see these pronouns are the same for singular and plural nouns.

Also not that you would never hear यह and वह in any daily conversation but only in formal situations or news. It's almost like it doesn't exist. You'll only need to know these when you're reading formal hindi books, government documents. It isn't even use in Hindi news.


I am a native Hindi speaker. Formally pronunciation of यह(yahuh)/वह(vahuh) with the ह (huh) is actually the correct pronunciation. The pronunciation of the same as ये(yay)/ वे(ve) or वो(vo) {depending on the subject} is a result of colloquially spoken hindi and it is informal. Only recently (like in recent times) is it accepted formally. So both are correct but the pronunciation as it is written is grammatically more correct. Hope this helps :)


I think you are right Srishti ji


These are pronounced perfectly correct. What you are referring to are two completely different pronouns. What Duolingo teaches are the literary or formal "this/that" pronouns. Nobody uses these pronouns in conversation, you'd never hear these in casual conversation.

Detailed Explanation:

These below are literary pronouns and are never used in conversation. You'll only hear these in news and formal situations.

यह = This/He/She/It वह = That/He/She/It ये = These/They/He (formal)/She (formal) वे = Those/They/He (formal)/She (formal)

Now, these pronouns which are written is how natives actually talk. The colloquial pronouns. The pronouns above literary pronouns are grammatically not used the same way as these below. Duolingo doesn't teach these.

ये = This/These/He/She/It वो = That/Those/He/She/It

These colloquial pronouns are the same for both honourary and non-honourary contexts.


In modern Hindi,Many people say it "Yay" but the true pronounciation is "Yah"...


What "true pronunciation"? What is the basis of this claim?


I think as you're beginner so you should say it "Yah"..When you ll come here in india you ll understand about the slangs and accent


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Except for the people for Bihar(India), nobody pronounces यह as Yah. And anyway you'll be understood whether you say yah or ye. So dont worry too much about what the audio says.


Thats because there are two ways to pronounce it


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पूर्ण विराम = full stop = poorn viraam

full पूर्ण (poorn)
pause, stop विराम (viraam)


I have writtern the correct sentence still it was intimated that it was wrong!


If you remember to speak like Yoda from Star Wars, you can translate to Hindi pretty well perhaps. "Hmm.. this, a book it is!"



I think there pronunciations are right


kitab or pistak? for book ?


The word you are looking for is 'poostak' not 'pistak'


पुस्तक is originally a hindi word whereas kitab Is taken from urdu.. Generally Kitab is used by indians when referring to a book


Pustak is an old was of saying kitab


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