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Strange vocabulary

I am very appreciative that I can use Duolingo to brush up on some Spanish before taking a trip to South America, but some of the vocabulary is not useful and just plain strange. The section on Occupations is heavy on bureaucratic and military positions, and I have to wonder why I need to know multiple words for weapons and jail. And tell me, please, when is it ever proper to say "Yo tengo una bomba!"?

March 27, 2013



I sometimes wonder if Duo uses odd vocab so learners pay more attention to the grammatical aspects of Spanish. I realize that Duo's goal is to have people translate for the web, rather than prepare world travelers, but a lot of the vocab choices seem odd to me.


that thought occurred to me too- it's far easier to remember striking or unusual phrases, particularly when they evoke interesting images.


I would never say "yo tengo una bomba", but I'd sure want to know the meaning if someone else said it!

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